Friday, February 11, 2011

whaa whaa whaa...

... that's my baby cry. I'm crying like a baby because I want another baby. I am so selfish. I should rejoice in Meghan and the fact that we were blessed with Meghan yet I cannot help wanting another newborn. :( This is ridiculous. Everyday Meghan graces us with some new action or expression and I find myself wrapped up in her simple joys. I love her to death. Yesterday she drank juice for the first time (does not like it cold), sat up on her own from laying on her tummy, and crawled! Yes, she crawled for the first time! And, I found myself crying in awe of how wonderful she is. I felt like a silly but I was truly moved.

I don't know where this baby fever is coming from. Could be the fact that Drew's cousin is due 2.15, a family friend is due 5.1.11, her sister late july and my sister 8.8.11 (which is her 24th birthday). Seems like everyone is pregnant and I just loved being pregnant. I loved knowing that I was growing our love and that one day she would be here with us forever. I loved the morning sickness (only nausea for me), I loved feeling her squirm around inside my belly. I loved her hiccups that made my whole belly jiggle. I loved it when she got bigger and my tummy got hard and felt like a pregnant belly instead of just a fat belly. I felt like I was doing a higher purpose than my (seemingly) small existence.

I'm trying not to let jealousy get the best of me, it is very hard. I am quick to be jealous and envious. I am not sure why. We weren't raised to be jealous and envious of what others had but at the same time I don't equate these feelings with 'bad behavior'. I know it is wrong to feel this way and so I do my best to not let it get the best of me. I try and rejoice in what God has granted me with. A loving husband, a perfect daughter and a happy home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

what's for...

...dinner, dear? I wish I heard this question everyday, but I don't. Usually it's me asking Drew the night before, "What do you want for dinner tomorrow?" He doesn't care unless it's something he hates like Tuna Noodle Casserole or Pot Roast. Yep, you read that right. My husband hates pot roast. You'd think, being the male hunter/gatherer, that he'd have this innate love of meat and potatoes. Alas, he "doesn't like the way the meat falls apart." (whaaaaat??? I wondered in my head, that's how it's supposed to be and it's delicious!) But, that's ok with me, he likes just about everything else.

Tonight we had Pillsbury Crescent Pizza Pockets (which were yum-o) and Hidden Valley Caesar Salad Kit (not as much yum-o). The pizza pockets came out great, I will definitely be making them again, they're prepped and baked in less than 1/2 an hour! The salad mix was only so-so. It has these "lemon pita chips" in the mix and I should left them out because they're completely unnecessary. They taste like a shock of fake lemon flavor and really don't add anything to the salad. Also the cheese included in the kit tastes just like the bottled Kraft Parmesan cheese and I've had much better salad kits that include the lettuce!

Not sure what we're having tomorrow night. We've been trying to eat things from the freezer in order to make room for Sunday. You know, the Super Bowl! I am super excited because this is the first year we're on our own and we have this obscenely large tv. But, that's a story for another day...