Thursday, June 30, 2011


...June is over and I've only posted half as many times as May. I am not doing so good in the blog department. Sorry, folks! And, I don't have a real post tonight because I have to drop hubby at work tomorrow (will explain later) so it's off to bed for me. I did update the tabs at the top, check them out!

Here's a tidbit to leave you hanging: I'm excited to get up in the morning and use the restroom, can you guess why? ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sometimes you just need...

...a little inspiration. Or random stolen "what are you up to?" thinger. Of course, now I can't remember where I c&p'd this from because I did that hours ago and am just now getting to filling it out. If its yours, by all means, make yourself known in the comments! :)

What I'm thinking: There is soooo much laundry to be folded and put away. I've done $40 worth in 3 days. Whoo! I'm tired!

What I'm reading: Not enough! I need to get to the library. Like now. I haven't read a real book in so long.

What I'm listening to: Third Rock from the Sun on Netflix, the fan whirring and Meg slapping the wall :)

What I'm learning: Patience. I need to work on my patience so bad.

What I'm watching: Meghan treat her Bumbo chair like a stool-just a step up so she can slap the wall higher!

What's cooking: Ham, Broccoli and Cheese Quiche...attempted to make my own pastry dough and used part whole wheat flour/part white and that was a mistake. The whole wheat flour we have is not very finely ground, so the crust is a little crunchy :) That's what I get for trying to make healthier food!

What I'm buying: Not much! We ordered some more computer parts last night (Drew is building his own and it's almost finished!) I'd like to order some Lovely Pocket diapers for Meg, but that's really a guilty purchase, I really need a new nursing bra...ah the list goes on!

What I'm thankful for: My family! Both immediate and extended, it was so fun this past weekend to get to see both my side and Drew's side on the same day.

What I'm creating: A lot more stuff if I hadn't lost out on the serger on Craigslist. :) It was a really good deal too...

What I'm praying: That I would be a better wife and momma. That we'll be blessed with another little one soon (no good news yet!)

What I'm planning: Meghans First Birthday Party!! :D I am so excited, can you tell? ;) I can't believe she's almost a year old! She's getting so big and is learning and doing new stuff everyday! She's been walking for about a month and she's getting really good at it. Also trying to figure out what we're doing this weekend for the 4th. Drew claims he's having a party at his family's house, but I don't know if that's going to happen.

What we did this last weekend: On Saturday, I did massive amounts of laundry and made Dylan's cake for his birthday party. Farm themed, everything on it was edible! Sunday was Dylan's party at my mother's house. I nicknamed it the Donnelly Farm because she's got all these animals now: cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, pheasants, ducks, geese...etc! After all the farm excitement, we went to Drew's grandparent's house because it was Grandpa's birthday! We had a nice little cookout with grilled pineapple and marinated chicken, pulled pork, salads, watermelon, salt potatoes, and cake and ice cream too of course!

What I'm looking forward to: baby showers, birthdays, Meghan's birthday party, Kait's due date...more on that later! ;)

A picture to share:

Dylan's cake

Meghan and her blankie from Grandparents Marshall, she loves it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


you would think that life would slow down, but it just keeps plugging along, with no concern for the fact that I haven't updated in forever! :) We have been super busy lately, now that the weather is (finally) nice out, we have had some event or get-together every weekend for the past couple of months. Also, it is full on graduation party/baby shower/bridal shower/birthday party season! This weekend we have a graduation party, 2 birthday parties, Drew has 2 gigs for the band on the same day! This past weekend we had father's day at my grandparents house and a double graduation/farewell party for Drew's cousins M, A and B. B just finished basic training to be a medic in the Army, he and his wife are moving to Washington state where B is now stationed.

M and A both graduated from high school (M did it in 3 year) and were both accepted to the same nursing school, so they have great prospects ahead of them. I am so excited for B and his wife, B has made such a turn around in his life and he really is an inspiration. He was headed down the wrong track in life and he really took responsibility for his actions and made a better life for himself. I hope he feels as proud of himself as the rest of us feel about him.

So, on Friday, my nephew Dylan is turning 3! I can't believe it has been 3 years already, it seems like yesterday I was in the delivery room watching him take his first breaths. His birthday party is on Sunday at my mother's house, which is now a certified petting zoo! It all started when my mother took in some cows-heifers that had lost their calfs in a tragic flooding accident a few months ago. Then she and her husband decided to get some chickens-to have their own fresh eggs and also sell the extra eggs in a road side stand. Then the geese started migrating to their pond. Then they got a couple of pigs. Then it was turkeys, ducks and pheasants. It was a natural choice to have Dylan's party be farm-themed!

I'm in charge of the cake for the party. At first, Lacie wanted an ice cream cake. She had some recipe that involved cookies and I don't know what else. That was quickly squashed. I did a little research and found this:

and I was like, "Hey, that's not bad. I can totally do that!" And Lacie was happy with it and Dylan was ecstatic, of course. But I couldn't just let that be the end of it, because that would be too easy then I found this:

and I was like, "Hot dang, I can really do this!" :) So, this is the one I'll be making for Dylan's party. It's definitely better in all aspects, including having the animal cupcakes that I wanted to do-cows, pigs and chickens. I had also made the invitations to the party, which had cows, pigs and chickens and a red barn. I am going to take a lot of little artistic license with the design and sub some things like graham crackers for the roof instead of Life cereal- I like the way the grahams look like shingles.

And that's how my Saturday will be spent...constructing barns and farm animals out of cake.

Bake on!

Monday, June 13, 2011

beginning of...

...the week! Woot! Haha. I so do not like Mondays. I like Saturdays and Sundays, when Drew is home. I bring Meghan into our bed when she wakes up for a morning feed/snugglefest. She gets so excited when she's done eating and turns around to see her daddy. She just lights up when she sees his face, whether it's Saturday morning, the evenings when he comes home from work or if he just came in from the other room! She is such a daddy's girl. It is too cute for words.

daddy's girl!

Friday, June 10, 2011

best. giveaway. ever.

i recently stumbled upon the best giveaway on the internet. ever. oh happy day-a blog about a woman from san francisco who moved to paris for a year with her husband and 2 kids-is giving away a 7 day trip to paris! paris, france! how sick is that?! so go check it out and enter because there's no reason not to!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

epic. fail.

Hah! I know how much you loooove that phrase! But it seems to fit me because I have been slacking so much in the personal blog area. So much so, that my giveaway blog has almost as many posts as this one! In an effort to change that (and because I know my life is so thrilling that you cannot spend another second without knowing what's going on here in the tiny apartment), I am going to make a conscious effort to write more. I like to write and it's therapeutic.

I'll admit, sometimes I don't have anything to write about, or inspiration is lacking, or...I just don't feel like it :). I thought for sure I would get a chance to blog the other night, but then I had to wash some diapers and tidy up after Meghan went to sleep. It seems like my day ends after Meghan goes to bed, and then I usually don't feel like doing anything, let alone get on here and attempt to write a concise, well thought out blog. I was just reading over the cloth diapers post and was appalled at the grammatical and spelling errors. For Shame, I thought to myself! Spelling and grammatical errors are one of my biggest pet peeves.


Ran out of things to write! :) I never know how to end these posts, so tata for now!