Saturday, January 28, 2012


...I finally figured out why my last post is showing up when I post comments on other blogs-I posted that giveaway to this blog instead of my giveaway blog. Blah. Oh well.

The scale didn't move today. Not down. But at least it didn't go up. :) That's my mantra for today. Dieting is still going ok. It's so hard to stay away from sweets. Especially when your hubby and baby can and will eat anything they want! (well, Meghan can't have whatever she wants, but you know what I mean!)

It's really tough when Drew asks for cookies or something. I love to bake, but I'm awful at not tasting the batter and the freshly baked goodness and then...just a bite here and there. Ugh. Well, there's still brownies in the kitchen .

I don't know. It's hard to not get the gloomies when the scale doesn't move, or worse, goes back up. It feels like nothing is happening. Definitely not happening fast enough.

I'm a pretty optimistic person, too. Ask anybody. I've always been cheerful. I'm sure it doesn't help that my hormones are all wacky because I'm ovulating. (cross your fingers and send baby dust our way!)

Not to mention all the other crazy stuff going on. grr. Stupid life getting in the way! haha.

Drew got his w-2's in the mail the other day, so I've been slowing working on our taxes. As soon as we get them, Meghan and I are taking the train to visit my college friend and bridesmaid from our wedding, Angie. She lives and works near Boston and it stinks being so far away from your best friend. We've been meeting up at Wells in June for reunions and in October for volunteer weekend because we're both on the FARGO Board (Friends And Recent Graduates) But we decided twice a year for a couple days isn't enough! So I offered to come visit her after tax-mas (like Christmas only when our tax returns come-haha) She works full time Monday through Thursday, so we'd be able to spend at least 3 days together and she might take a couple days off or work from home while we're there.

Off to wash some diapers :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BABY by danish Review & #Giveaway! Ends 2/1/12

BABY by danish Review & #Giveaway! Ends 2/1/12

happy happy...

...Wednesday! I've got to be positive about today because yesterday didn't go nearly as planned. Unfortunately. We went to my mom's house for dinner, but then she was too sick to do anything else. (which I'm still not sharing because I don't want to jinx it)

Seems like everyone I know is sick. 3 week ago, Meghan came down with a cold and I got it the day after. Woot. It was not fun, especially since this was the first time Meghan's been sick besides the sniffles. I wholly attribute that to her being breastfed, as far as her never being sick. Didn't save me, I've been sick a couple of times since she was born ;) At any rate, she was miserable and it was not fun with a sick baby. She got better in about a week and I expected to get better as well, but I'm still battling a ridiculous cough. Lacie and Dylan were sick before us, so I think we got it from them, and Lacie's cough lasted 3 weeks and she cracked a rib from coughing! So I'm hoping I'll be better by this weekend. Not that we're doing anything special, I just don't want to be sick any more!

I feel great besides the cough and throat burning :( I've exercised at least 30 minutes a day for the last 10 days in a row, which is awesome! I'm proud that even though sometimes I gain a little bit, I still keep with it. It used to be so easy to get discouraged, but I'm not beating myself up about slipping up while eating. It's not the end of the world if I eat a cookie, I know it's not what I should be eating. But I'm not going to let a cookie deter me. I am strong!


I mentioned that we went to my mom's for dinner last night. She made pasta and home made spaghetti sauce, salad with oil and balsamic, Italian bread and chocolate chip cookies. (that's where the cookie reference came from) I had my sauce with green beans and lots of salad, no bread and part of a cookie, which I spilt with Meghan. :) Even though we didn't do what we planned, it was nice to see her and her husband, Jim. We don't see them very often. I wish Drew and I could do family dinners with our parents, sometimes I feel left out because we don't live in the same town as our families any more. If we ever get a house, I think I'll have to start hosting family dinner, then everyone will be obligated to visit! ;)

Speaking of dinner, I have no clue what we're eating tonight...I'd better get on that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

real quick...

...little post ;) I'm taking a quick minute to write while the babies (Meghan and Dylan) eat breakfast, semi-quietly, in the kitchen. I'm enjoying a lovely bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries. I am still surprised this is such a yummy combination!

Lots of things going on here. I don't want to reveal too much yet, in case it falls through, but I will tell you that I'm not pregnant. Not that I know of, anyway.

Exercise is going well, I've done at least 30 minutes a day, every day, for the past 8 days. I would be pretty proud of myself, except the numbers went back up! I'm not totally surprised about this because I have been snacking after dinner again. And then I ate some not-so good things for me. And I made chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips in them, and really, the dough was yummier than the baked cookie. Which I know for a fact because I sampled both! Curse chocolate! ha.

So, it's back on the bandwagon for me. I noticed that I'm not losing any more, or gaining any more for that matter, when I do the "Special K" diet, so I'm going back to watching what I'm eating instead of replacing 2 meals with Special K cereal. And not just watching it go from the container to my mouth. :) I stocked up on lots of fresh veggies for healthy snacks. I'm also thinking of going back on the c25k plan again. I don't know. So much is going on, I think my lifestyle change will be taking a back seat, but not forgotten!

At any rate, I'm going to do better and now I'm off to work on some crafty projects! :D (and those babies eat too quickly)

ps. ever wanted to ask me something? want to be anonymous?
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Friday, January 20, 2012


...seem to be the norm around here. Meghan's diaper rash is flaring up and I was a bit mystified until I stripped half of our diaper stash yesterday. Before, when we only had cotton prefolds and covers, I would just boil the prefolds for 20-30 minutes and covers for 10 minutes. You're not supposed to boil anything with PUL or snaps, as it can warp or cause leaks, but I haven't had any problem with that technique. Now that we have some microfiber inserts, fleece pocket diapers, etc., we get the stinkies/ammonia sometimes. What started this recent bout of stripping was I put Meghan in a Happy Heineys pocket diaper for overnight. We love this because it's easy to use and easy to stuff with extra inserts for overnight. Meg has turned into a heavy wetter at night time since she started drinking milk, water, and juice. The new routine is: I wash everything on hot with a regular amount of diaper soap, a squirt of Dawn dish soap and 2 splashes of bleach. Then an extra wash with just water, so rinse everything clean. I brought all the diapers upstairs and boiled them. Then I rung everything out by hand and hung it all up to dry. The diapers take overnight to dry thoroughly when doing the everyday diaper laundry. The stripped diapers were still quite wet this afternoon, so they're getting a spin in the dryer right now.

I use Dawn because it is "the grease fighter" or whatever their slogan is, so it helps to remove residue left behind by rash creams. I've been using coconut oil, which works great and washes out of the prefolds well, but not the Happy Heineys. The cover is repelling liquid and so Meghan is just sitting in her wet diaper until the liquid is slowly absorbed by the inserts-resulting in the red, angry rash. I'm using the bleach to keep the yeast away until Meg's bum is completely clear. I'm only going to use the 2 splashes of bleach every other week so that the diapers don't deteriorate too fast. Hopefully. :/

I wash every other day or every 3rd day. Lately, every other day. So our diaper stash is split into 2 loads and I'll be doing the whole stripping routine again tomorrow. Big plans for my Saturday-haha.

The beginning of this week didn't start out so great, as far as the scale goes. I gained instead of losing over the weekend. I did not eat right last weekend or exercise and I paid for it on Monday. In addition to not watching what I was eating, I didn't get a chance to exercise, so on Sunday shovelled out our car so I could use it and get some cardio in. :) Kim (mil) called me on Sunday afternoon to say that I was invited to Drew's cousin Katie's baby shower and that it started in 3 hours! I was excited to go because I love babies and parties and getting to see a bunch of Drew's family and their friends from their church.

As Kim was telling me about the party and that I didn't need to bring a gift because of the short notice, I was racking my brain to think of something to bring or quickly whip up with my crochet hook. But 3 hours just wasn't enough time. Add my "workout", Meg's late nap and getting ready to that...I ended up bringing a card. Kim and I were talking about how it would've been nice if I had the time to make an infant sized Mohawk hat like I did for Drew's brother for Christmas. I wish I had had the time to whip up a hat because that would've been too cute and Kim said Katie's husband would've thought it was a hoot. I might make one and give it to Kim to give to Katie anyway, or mail it to her. I don't know. I started a baby blanket for another relative who is due in April and it's not even 1/4 way finished. I started it right after Christmas and I'm only like 10 rows into it.

So back to the exercise deal. I'm thinking about posting my weight numbers on here. I'm not sure if I want the whole world to know exactly how much I weigh, but it would be nice to keep track. I'll probably just post about the milestones, like every 10 pounds or something. I'm not at 10 pounds yet, but I'm getting there! I did work hard all week, worked out every day and I saw a new number today! Very excited about that, I texted Drew right away. :) I also started the Special K diet, like the cereal. I'm eating a bowl for breakfast with fruit, a Special K protein meal bar for lunch with fruit or vegetables, and "regular" food for dinner. Plus Special K protein water, fruits and vegetables for snacks. I do slip up and catch myself splitting a Slim Jim snack with Meghan or eating Goldfish off of her high chair tray when she's done. Sometimes I have a mental battle with myself. ;)

I also have stopped snacking after dinner. It sort of happened subconsciously, the other night I just wasn't hungry after dinner, so I didn't eat. There's a new concept, eh? ;) Then the next night I just didn't eat anything after dinner. Usually Drew and I will have some sort of snack every night when we watch tv or movies together after Meghan goes to sleep. It's getting easier and easier every day. This is such a relief to me because sometimes it feels like an uphill battle.

I love it when it takes 3 4 hours to write a post...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday, sunday...

...just another lazy Sunday here in the little apartment. I like to rest on Sundays. Just let the whole week's worth of troubles and chaos slip away as I catch up on some of my blogs that I read! :) Today I read a great post about breastfeeding over at She Breathes Deeply. Mandy is a great, young, Christian momma (just like myself) and I love to read her blog. She has a daughter as well, Lily, who is 10 months old. Anyway, she wrote a post about breastfeeding and all the trouble she had in the beginning and now it's going wonderfully. It really parallels some of the struggles Meghan and I had in the beginning. I was just so unsure of everything and sometimes it felt like giving up would be easiest, but I am so glad we stuck with it. Meg is still a happy nurser at almost 18 months old. :)

Do you ever have to go back read your recent blog posts to make sure you're not repeating repeating yourself? Haha. I just did. I wanted to elaborate on the cloth diaper adventure and I couldn't remember if I had written some things. I hadn't, so now I'm sharing them.

So, I had said Meghan was battling a rash. What I didn't say was that we've been fighting with the rash on and off for at least the last 6 months. :( Side note about our washing routine- I was rinsing every diaper, using 2 scoops of Rockin Green diaper soap (as recommended) in just 1 wash cycle, then line drying.

At first, it was just regular type rashes that would clear right up. Then in August the rash turned into abscesses seemingly overnight. I took Meghan into the Dr where she was prescribed some antibiotics and I was told to use triple antibiotic cream as well. (1st warning sign) It cleared up well and then made a mini appearance right before our family camping trip in September. I was worried about being in the wilderness and her rash getting out of control again, so I called the Dr again. They didn't want to put her on antibiotics again so soon, to avoid her developing an immunity to the medication. I was told to use the Neosporin. I had some bacitracin, so we used that and disposables while camping. Bad. Idea. The abscesses were minuscule, but the red, angry rash flared up like crazy. (2nd warning sign) She was in pain and it hurt me to have to change her diaper.

Since then the rash has been pretty constant. And I am kicking myself for not realizing what it was before now. We could get the rash to go away, but it would almost always start up soon after. (3rd warning sign) I started using coconut oil as a diaper rash cream and it did help more than anything else, but the rash never really went away. It had progressed from a red, angry, raised rash into that plus blisters. :( I was literally crying over it and I wanted so badly to not let it hurt Meghan. I thought I just needed to strip the diapers more. I tried drops of Dawn dish soap in the wash and stripping them by boiling them on the stove. But, again, these were only temporary fixes. Her bum hasn't been completely clear since before August.

Then I saw a blog post from some diaper company or cloth diaper blog about yeast. A light bulb went off and suddenly, everything made sense. CLICK! (hah) It made total sense. The rash that never truly went away, blisters, antibiotics and the fact that I only ran 1 wash cycle. I don't know how many times I've read about extra rinses when washing cloth diapers, but I was/am trying to save money and thought I could cut corners. Turns out I can't.

First thing I did was bleach everything. This is a big no-no in the cloth diaper community because bleach can break down the fibers very fast and ruin the diapers. I always thought I would never bleach and then I realized since I have been drying the diapers inside because of the weather, they weren't getting bleached by the sun! It was like everything aligned at once! So, I bleached every diaper, wipe and cover in our "stash" and washed them a 2nd time with NO SOAP. Then I dried the 100% cotton wipes, prefolds, and fitteds the dryer and everything else (anything with PUL in it) on the drying rack so it wouldn't melt. I noticed an improvement almost immediately. We went through the rest of our disposables that we had leftover from the camping diaper disaster and switched entirely to the bleached cloth and coconut oil (which is safe for cloth diapers because of it's super low melting point).

Her beautiful booty is getting clearer and clearer everyday. No more red, just a few spots of pink skin and the bigger blisters are almost healed. I am beyond happy that I finally figured it out! I am still kicking myself that it took so long for me to get it. I was almost to the point of quitting the cloth. I was hoping Meg would take to potty learning as she showed some interest and then we would only have to deal with diapers at nap time and overnight. But, she's not really interested in the potty. She has peed on it a few times, but that's it. It was really hard to look at her cute, bare bum during the day covered in an angry rash, but it's looking good now!

On to other things...we are still ttc. I got AF again this month, but I had started charting my temperature orally on I really think we can conceive if I know what is going on with my body. And I started charting, not just to ttc. I have been interested in temping for awhile and I'm pretty "crunchy" and I want to be in tune with my body. Speaking of, I had the strangest dream last night. I was VBACing in a hospital (hah) and Meg's pediatrician was my OB but he was fatter (very strange) and some girls I knew in high school were my L&D nurses. I dreamt that I stopped labor and made all the drs and nurses look at me and listen to my "demands" for the birth, like holding the baby right away, nursing right away, leaving the cord attached until all the blood was in the baby, etc. I did have 2 IV's, 1 in each arm, which was weird. Drew wasn't there though, I was all by myself with the hospital staff. We had a boy, but I don't know the name.


My diet and exercising is going pretty good. I've lost 3.3 pounds according to the Wii! I don't know how accurate it is, but it's too small for me to notice a difference yet. Which is ok with me. The WiiFit makes you weigh yourself everyday, which I don't think is effective as far as mentally trying to lose weight, but it's how you "check in" each day, so if you just exercise, it doesn't record that you did anything that day. Not effective. I would say dieting is only going fair. It is really hard for me to not snack throughout the day especially when Dylan and Meghan are both here, because someone is always hungry! We got some super delicious grapefruit at BJ's last weekend so I've been enjoying those at breakfast almost every day ;) I also tried oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries for the first time and it was strangely good. It's hard to not put sugar and milk on it! I had tried a while ago with just crunchy peanut butter and I didn't like it. But with creamy peanut butter and some frozen blueberries...yum!

My confession today is that I didn't exercise yesterday or today at all, so I'm off to shovel the car out of all the snow we've gotten in the last couple days!

Friday, January 6, 2012

so now...'s back, from outer space. The tv is fixed! Drew's been building his own computer-buying the parts individually and then he assembled it a few weeks ago before Christmas. The weekend before Christmas, he and Joey were playing around with the computer using the 60in projection tv in the living room as a monitor and I was in the kitchen baking up some cinnamon roasted almonds for yummy gifts, when I heard a loud POP! The lamp had blown! Now, I was surprised how long the lamp lasted being that we didn't know how many hours were on it when we got the tv 1 1/2 years ago, most lamps last about 5-7 years depending on how often the tv is used. And I use it. A lot. hah.

Well, we finally got a lamp ordered from Amazon, using one of our Christmas gifts-an Amazon gift card :), and it arrived yesterday. In fact, our mail person threw it at the door. And this isn't the first time it's happened (the packages being thrown at the door, not the lamp going) I don't think it's our usual mail lady because she has been bringing the packages to the door (we ordered a bunch of gifts online this year, so we were getting packages almost every day), knocking and then giving me the package and whatever letters would have gone in the box downstairs. I think she knows that I'm a stay-at-home-momma and always seems very nice. That makes me think it was someone else. I heard the "thump" against the door and I jumped up to get it (since we were anxiously waiting the arrival of the lamp). When I opened the door, the person was already out the door. We live on the 2nd floor and it's 3 flights from the mailboxes to our landing, so whomever it was didn't walk all the way up to throw it against the door. I think they only went up 2 flights and threw it, or maybe one flight and then flipped/threw it up and over the railing? I don't know.

Either way, it doesn't matter because the lamp wasn't damaged and it's in the tv. Working wonderfully. So glad to have the tv back, and the Wii. I can't wait to get going again with my diet and exercise in this new year. I know I need to be the change I want to see in the world and I need to get my booty up and going...bye!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


...simply because I haven't written in so long! It really makes me feel terrible and I know writing is a great stress reliever and stress is something we are never short on here!

I'm thinking I need to carve out a chunk of time everyday for writing. But I barely take the time to check my email everyday, so how will I manage that? I've thought about getting up earlier, I've started getting up at the same time everyday-or at least waking up at the same time (more on this later) so if I actually force myself to get up and write before Meghan wakes up then I can start the day fresh. Hmmmmm, I'm liking this!

Meg went through this weird sleep pattern over the last weekish. She usually wakes at 7-730am, naps after lunch from noon-2pmish and then goes right to sleep at 7pmish and sleeps through the night without waking up. Well, her vampire teeth (I don't know the right name for them, I should probably look it up) started coming in and seemed to bother her more than any of her other teeth-including her molars. She got the most ridiculous diaper rash that we are still battling and her sleep went all wacky. She stopped napping all together and refused to go down at night without a fight, an-I-think-the-neighbors-are-calling-cps-right-now fight. She would scream bloody murder. And it didn't matter if I went in there to comfort her, nurse her or rock her. She would not sleep and she would not be consoled. So she would cry for a bit, fall asleep and then wake every hour for hours into the night and cry for a bit and then go back to sleep. On New Year's Eve, she went down with a fight at 730pm, woke up every hour after that until 1230am, was awake a solid 2 hours until 230am, when I got her up and changed her diaper-thinking that maybe she couldn't sleep through a soaked diaper, nursed her again and even let her come in my bed in an attempt for her to get some sleep. DID. NOT. WORK. She just laid there and played with my face until I put her back in her bed where she promptly fell asleep at 430am and slept until 1130am and then was wide awake for New Year's Day! It was nuts!

But, I think it's finally getting back to normal, She went down asleep last night at 730 and slept through until this morning around 8. Still not napping though, I do put her down like a nap and she cries a bit, but then settles down and rests in there I guess. I hear her talking to someone right now ;) She babbles or lays down until I go in and get her after an hour or so. At least she's resting, these types of nap-less days are the ones she goes down easily at night-I don't know how I feel about the trade-off!

As you may or may not know, we've been using cloth diapers since Meghan was 9 months old and I love most of it. This latest rash is really testing my patience. Meghan got a potty seat for Christmas, so we've been making good use of that! Most of the time we get to the bathroom before she has a major accident. #1 only though, #2 she is failing at miserably :)

I try and keep her bottom half naked as we battle the rash of the year. The best part is that I know the teething set it off and the cloth just seems to blow it out of control. One morning we wake up and her ENTIRE booty is red and angry. Makes me sad that she has to deal with all this pain, but she doesn't mind being semi-naked, she refused to put on a diaper for naptime today! We've been using coconut oil when she has cloth on (best discovery ever) and the oil makes a noticeable difference. I was using Boudreaux's butt paste when we were using disposables and I literally coated her diaper area with it until it looked like I painted her booty with cream paint and it made no difference with this rash. I've been putting Meg in dresses and tunics during this rash to keep her modest, but her feet and legs get cold, so I add socks, leg warmers and use tights when she has a diaper on. She also has some slippers that a mite too big, but fit ok when she has thick socks or tights on.

It always seems chilly in here now that we finally have SNOW! Yup, I live in the snowbelt of central New York and we barely had snow for Christmas. No snow on Christmas just makes the whole day sad.

Speaking of the Christmas season, I ate too much, drank too much and generally failed in the weight loss/lifestyle change area of my life. I stopped doing c25k and I'm upset about it. I know I'm only human, but I really wanted to finish it. I might start it back up, but my friend Angie in Massachusetts mentioned doing p90x over skype. She's dealing with her own craziness, so it wouldn't be for awhile. I'm hoping to go visit her in February! (super excited for that!) I tried to eat well in December, I even skipped mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving! December just felt really rushed, so we ate a lot of quick meals which included a bunch of processed junk and I baked like a mad woman for Christmas. I can say that I did not eat a lot of the Christmas goodies I made, so that's one small victory! Drew thinks we should only eat chicken and rice or steak and rice for dinner. Sometimes a vegetable. When he told me that, I just looked at him sideways and laughed. I did get a George Foreman grill for Christmas from my Dad and a duplicate from my Grandma. We have used it a few times, I grilled up some leftover pot roast with Montreal steak seasoning on it-yum! Needless to say, I don't think I'll be doing the crazy crash diet. I'll just watch what I eat and make good choices and eat more fresh than boxed food. Our projection tv blew a lamp, so I haven't been able to do WiiFit, but that was only a couple weeks ago-there's no excuse for not doing it in December. I'm going to get back on the exercise bandwagon as soon as the tv's fixed, replacement lamp should be here any day ;)

I have some great motivators for wanting/needing to get in shape. Firstly, we are still trying to conceive our second child. I just assumed too much when I thought we would get pregnant right away after my period returned. And you know what happens when you assume ;) We've been actively trying since August and my period's been fairly regular since then so everything is working right, I assume. (look where that got me, ha) I started taking my temperature orally and charting it over at fertility friend. Hopefully I'll be able to tell when I'm ovulating and then up our chances for conception. Secondly, my friend Angie is also very overweight and she has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) She has been working on her diet and exercise as well. Now that I sort-of have a partner, it's definitely easier as I can text her whenever I need to, plus we skype on most Fridays. Thirdly, my 5 year college reunion is in June. If that's not a motivator, I don't know what is. I do not want to look the same as I did in college. I already weigh more now than I did then, I think. I didn't really weigh myself in college and gained a ton of weight in 4 years. Guesstimate about 40 pounds. ick. Not that I really care what any of my classmates think, but it'll be a great bonus if someone notices ;) So, I've got about 6 months to get my booty in gear, no problem!

My latest crochet project is calling name and my tummy is a-rumblin', I hope to not be so much of stranger.