Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday letters...

from 2 days ago. ;) Here we go:

Dear co-workers in training, Some of you are awesome. Some of you are not.
Dear Pat and Alex, So glad you stopped over the other night for dinner and accompanying us to Toys'R'Us for the 2nd time in 2 days.
Dear Self, Do not judge others for the choices they have made. Or will make. You are not perfect either. "When we know better, we do better."
Dear Shelly, Val, Matt and Corey, Thanks for visiting last night and going to pick up the pizza in the pouring rain/thunderstorm and the wings from the shadiest place ever.
Dear Joey, Thanks for stopping over every day. Living in the country does have it's advantages. ;)
Dear Meghan, Please, please go to sleep easily tonight. I figured out what I want to do with my hair tomorrow and it requires a nightly shower. Not gonna happen if you wear me out little girl! :)
Dear Self, Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday... definitely not Friday. I'll be doing my Friday letters in a separate (yet equal) post. Sorry I've slacked a bit. But, my first week back at work has been tough! It's been especially challenging since it's the first (of three) weeks of training, so we went through all the really boring stuff. HR and W-4's and cancer insurance and term life insurance and accidental death and disability insurance and 401k and empire vision discounts... Do you see where I'm here? Plus we learned the differences between credit unions and banks (the 4-letter word, hah), Empower's beliefs and values. The ABC's of professionalism (Attitude, Behavior and Communication) What to do in a robbery...etc.

Pretty exciting.

We did get to shadow different employees at 3 branches, that was neat. Next week, I'll learn actual functions of my position, the starting Friday I'll be training in the branch!

It's amazing how a first day at work is almost the same as a first day back at school. Stressing over what outfit to wear and how to style my hair. (Which reminds me, I need to figure out both for tomorrow!)

But, I made it through the first week fairly unharmed. Excepting for Meghan. She has not taken the transition very well. Before, she could be asleep within minutes. Now it's taking upwards of an hour. Her record is an hour and 20 minutes. Which is just ridiculous. :( Sadfaces all around. Those nights where it took an hour+, I would fall right asleep after, just mentally exhausted. Yuck.

So much for getting into an exercise routine.

We've also made it through our first week housesitting for Drew's grandparents while they drive cross country for their 50th anniversary. I hope Drew and I do something as exciting and fun for our 50th! :)

I think the combination of me being gone for 8+ hours a day and us housesitting is what's causing Meghan so much distress at night. We don't have our furniture or bedding, but we did bring Meg's crib mattress and her blankie. She calls her little spot in the corner, her bed. So. Hopefully we're making some headway there.

I've been wanting to use this opportunity (mostly empty house) to really get crafty with sewing and crochet, get my etsy store finally filled with items. But, it's not happening. You'd think I'd be able to get something done with a whole weekend spread before me. Yet, here we are on Sunday...

I'll leave you with that. And go work on my Friday letters...from 2 days ago. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rebecca Black...

...will forever run through my head on Fridays. For the rest of my life.

So, Dear Rebecca, Thanks for making the most infectious song in the history of the world.
Dear Body, Get it together! Strep throat, crazy cramps and weird spotting are driving me bananas!
Dear MegPie, Hold on, just one blog post then I'll "off 'puter, momma, out!" (get off the computer and go outside)
Dear Self, Go pack something! Housesitting like, tomorrow!
Dear Car, Hold it together, I got a job! I'm gonna need some reliable transportation!
Dear Angie, Thanks for all the laughs, can't wait to make new memories at the end of September!
Dear Olivia, Glad to (not) hear so much One Direction lately, my mind needed a break! :)
Dear Ben, I finally wrote that letter.
Dear Carrie, Happy 18th Birthday, CarrieBerry, hope it's fabulous and full of yellow :)
Dear Readers, You're Welcome. :D


Thursday, September 6, 2012

th is for...

...Thursday. Totally thought today was Friday, so I was thinking up things to write for my "Friday Letters". I'll just have to save those for tomorrow. :) Only 3 more days until I start my new job! I am super excited, but I cannot for the life of me decide what I want to wear the first day. Or how to do my hair. We have to have pictures taken for IDs. Might as well be back to school, because it feels like it!

The kids are about to step off the bus, they started school on Tuesday. Sean is in Kindergarten, Danielle 1st grade, Olivia 7th, Eileen 8th, Jake 10th and Carrie is going for her GED. Carrie rides the bus, but then gets bused from the high school to the little city to take GED and childcare classes.

We've had to pick Carrie up early from school the last 2 days, Doctor appointment yesterday and then today she didn't feel well. She said she ate the school's pizza and then felt really nauseous.

But! I actually ran all my errands I needed to, today. Bank and storage unit. Now I really have no excuse to be packing. Ugh, I hate packing, but I love going on trips! Soon I'll be reporting from Drew's grandparents house. Not gonna lie, it'll be nice to blog/facebook/surf the internet without any background noise ;)

Carrie's birthday is tomorrow, she will be 18! We were talking yesterday about what kind of food we'll have for her birthday dinner and she listed off: asparagus, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, lobster, scallops...quite the extravagant dinner! I'm alright with any of those, except the artichokes. Yuck. I've only had them once, while I was studying abroad in Italy, my roommate (also from Wells) made them, but I did not enjoy them. :)

OK. Time to pack. Ugh.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


...Wednesday! Well, it would be if I could keep my head on straight. I had a rather odd labor dream last night (involving a wacky roommate who had already birthed her baby, but her friends/family were celebrating with a disco ball, lights, and bubbles. Yes, bubbles.) and I think it threw my whole day off. The plan was to go to the storage unit and get some things out of it so I can pack up 3 lives. That was the only thing I had to do today because Dylan was supposed to get here at 2pm and Lacie would be picking him up around dinner time.

Then, I decided I may as well take my weekly UPS drop off (15 minutes away) and if I'm doing that I might as well go to the little city to visit the bank (30 minutes). So, we get to the little city, drop off my package and we're driving around when we get a call from Kim that Dylan got dropped off. Two and a half hours early. (Thanks, Mom) Kim graciously agreed to watch Dylan and we agreed to pick up Carrie from school, so Kim could make 1 less trip to the little city today. (She has to take Carrie to the big city for a doctor's appointment, then back to the little city to pick Val up from work)

We enjoyed the Chinese buffet near the McDonald's and TOPS (grocery store) on the outskirts of town, near Carrie's school. (for you locals who read this, the sushi is sublime!)

To top it off, as we are driving home (now 15 minutes from the bank and home) I realize I never went to the bank! I intended to go after dropping off the package, but then we ended up at the buffet; so I was going to stop after we picked up Carrie. Instead, I just drove straight home.

And we didn't stop at the storage unit, either.

All in all, a successful day. ;)

Tomorrow we are off to Arby's for free turkey sandwiches (11am-1pm, ya'll!) and the ice cream shop with pumpkin soft serve...yum!

And then the storage unit, of course.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

no title...

...because it's 440am EST and I don't know why I'm awake.

Ok, I do. Because I fell asleep with Meghan at 9pmish and slept. And slept. And slept some more. So, now I'm up for a bit. Thinking about getting work done, but I don't really want to.

I am a part of Wells College's FARGO Board (Friends And Recent Graduates Organization) which is comprised of alumnae/i of the last 10 years who actively engage with the current students, host different events throughout the year and fund raise for the school.

Not only am I a member, but my bff Angie convinced me to run as Vice-Chair alongside her as Chair and we are now leading this whole shabang. So. It's a lot more work than we anticipated, as apparently leaders before us were just sort of winging it. Like, a lot.

So, when I refer to 'getting work done', I mean emailing lots of people, updating and regulating our Facebook page (shameless plug, hah) and creating a master list of members and their information in a spreadsheet.

Little did I know how much I loathe spreadsheets.

Until now.