Saturday, September 3, 2011

oh my word... is ridiculously hot! It is 78 degrees at 9pm, but it feels like 98! I've got the ac on in my bedroom to cool it down from 85 degrees for later when I go to sleep! I'm considering going in there early to just lay in the ac. I've got the living room ac going with a sheet up in the doorway to the kitchen and the doors closed to the bedrooms and bathrooms, but I have a feeling I'll give up that futile attempt and retreat to the bedroom soon! Tomorrow my mom is having a little Labor Day cookout and birthday party for my sister, Kaitlyn. She turned 24 on August 8th, the day before she gave birth to baby Freddy. So he's about 4 weeks old now and is simply divine!

I'm in charge of making cake tomorrow. We usually have flag cake that looks like this. (but we make a Jello cake instead of using sliced pound cake, but it looks the same) We make this type of cake for the patriotic holidays.Well, this year I am switching it up! I want to make this type of cake this year.

A hidden flag cake! I had intended to bake it today and assemble it tomorrow because it is so hot and humid here right now, but I didn't bake tonight! So, I'll have to bake tomorrow and assemble it before we leave for the party. I also have to stop quick at the store to pick up formula for my sister (more on that at a later date, as well as other things I don't agree with-haha)

Today, Meghan and I went out to our small hometown and picked up my sister and her baby and went to the Farmer's Market in the nearby small city. It was awesome! I was a little tentative because I had never been to the farmer's market before and I really had no idea what I was doing. We got 9 ears of corn, 2 large sweet potatoes, 1 bunch broccoli, 4 large peaches, 1 large tomatoe, and 1 red onion for 12 dollars. Pretty sweet! I am excited to eat our fresh food, and will have to pretty quick because we are going camping in a few days!

After the farmer's market, we stopped at Walmart to pick up the thank you cards for Meghan's birthday (which I have neglected to send out, bad me!) They're awesome and were super cheap!

Cute right?! I only had to pay to have them printed because I won the design in a giveaway I entered awhile ago. It was for 1 design from an etsy store that did custom invitations. I got notified that I had won literally, the day after I had mailed out Meghan's birthday party invites. I was bummed because I didn't have a use for invitations, then I realized I could customize it any way I wanted, so I had the etsy seller change the wording to thanks and had her put in a picture of Meghan eating her cupcake!

Of course, Meg looks comatose because it was late afternoon and she didn't get a nap! :) After our adventures in the small city, we went back to my Dad's house and I cut Kait's hair. It is super cute, she wanted to get rid of some of the length and weight and add some bangs. Her hair was down to her mid-back and I cut about 6 inches off and added long, side-swept bangs. Sister is looking goooood!

By then it was about 3pm, so we decided to stay for dinner and that was a good choice! My dad had been slowing cooking dry-rubbed ribs in the oven all day and then finished them on the grill with a wet barbecue sauce. Yummmm! Meg and I left soon after and stopped at the homestead (Drew's parents' house) to visit his family since we probably won't see them again until my birthday. (gah, going to be 26!) We visited for awhile and Meg ate her first chicken cheddar nugget, which she devoured! ;)

Finally, we made it home at about 8, Meghan went right to sleep after a long day with only a 20 minute nap in the car...and now it's bedtime for me!


  1. I've never been to a farmer's market! I can never find one close that's open at a convenient time... I love the card, btw, it's super cute!

  2. @Megan C Thanks Megan! I love that I was able to match her invitations so well. I handmade them, so I was slightly worried I wouldn't be able to find matching thank you notes in the store or I'd have to make my own! :) (here's a link to the post about the invitations, with a picture of the ones I made: )


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