Friday, February 17, 2012

one fun one...

...and one serious post today. You're getting 2-for-1! :) So, first the fun one: Gina from The Feminist Breeder wrote a really fun post with 15 random facts about her 3 adorable kids. I thought that would be really fun and since Meghan is changing and growing so much, so fast, I decided to do it too! Here we go:

1. Meghan is 18 months and 19 days old! 23 lbs 11.2 oz and 34" tall!
2. Meghan is only 4 lbs heavier than her 6 month old cousin, Freddy
3. She LOVES to dance, seriously, even to the Sofia Vergara Pepsi commercials..."doodoodoo, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" hah
4. She refuses to eat hamburger, which came on suddenly, because she used to love it. She also will randomly refuse to eat pretty much anything, depending on the texture
5. But, nothing can stop her from scarfing down yogurt
6. She cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc likes to push buttons on the computer. A lot.
7. Meghan is very articulate, contrary to what her Aunt Lacie thinks ;) I don't know exactly how many words she can say, but she does make some simple 2 word sentences and babbles near constantly. Unless Lacie's here. Then she's mute.
8. She LOVES to put on shoes. By herself. Any shoes. Anyone's shoes. Her favorites to put on are her boots. And her black maryjanes, that we call her "dancing shoes" because that's what Dylan calls dress shoes.
9. Daddy is her new favorite person. She asks for him all day long. Especially when she wakes up in the morning. I wake up to her calling from her room, "Daddy? Daddy? Daaaaaaddy? Daddy!? Daddy. Daddy?"
10. Meghan loves to say the word "baby" and "babies" She loves any commercials or shows with babies. And when I look at Facebook pictures of Drew's cousin's new baby twins, Meghan tries to climb in my lap and pokes the computer screen and starts yelling "Babies! babies! baby! babybabybaby!"
11. Lately, Meghan has been hating naps. With a vengeance. She still loves to nurse, but when naptime rolls around, she starts whining when I mention going "night-night". Yesterday she didn't nap at all, so she was dead tired at 5pm! Crazy baby.
12. Meghan loves to talk on the phone. Any phone. Toy phone, cell phone, home phone. But, only pretend. If you try and get her to talk on the phone to a real person on the other end, she just sort-of stands there and looks at you like you're the weird one for putting a phone to her ear.
13. She loves to twirl. But, she can't twirl in one place, so she wings her body around in an oval ellipse around the floor until she loses balance and falls over. Which happens very quickly.
14. Meghan loves to help out. She'll pick up string and other bits from the floor for me to throw away. I know it's time to vacuum if she's constantly coming to me with something to throw away ;)
15. She always says yes when I ask her if Momma should have another baby and if she's still my baby :)

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