Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lucy you got some 'splainin to do!

well ricky, i feel as though i've started on a sad note. and really, who wants that? on the other hand, a free blog is the cheapest therapy, so here goes.

since i wrote last, i haven't cried before sleep and my admiration for my sister grows stronger each day as she heals physically and mentally. d seems unaffected at this point and he (in theory) will have no memory of the attack so all appears to be well.

in other (more joyful) news, i am ready for this baby to come. i was so sore today from mid back to my knees, it really stunk to have to get up out of my seat at work so many times. another sono on friday to check growth and fluid-perhaps i will be granted a (mini) miracle in the form of being put on bed rest or pulled from work for some reason.

i know she will come when she's ready, but sooner rather than later would be nice.

speaking of work. i know we all think our job is the hardest, but really nothing can prepare you for answering the phone at a call center. thank goodness i don't work for a huge company with thousands of calls daily. we get about 4-500 a day and i am one of 8-9 reps that answer the phone. right now we're down one as a girl is out on vacation and our manager only backs up the phones if needed, so we're at 7.

i called in sick yesterday. i wasn't really sick, but i don't feel guilty because i'm at (almost) 36 weeks and i haven't taken a day since before we moved into our apartment 8 weeks ago. i don't think the man upstairs appreciated my white lie because i woke up today actually feeling sick and had to go to work! all that soreness and some post nasal drip with sore throat to boot. add in heartburn after lunch and either He or karma got me back for yesterday.

but i did get a lot accomplished at home yesterday. kitchen/living room/bedroom is clean/vacuumed and every piece of clothing the hubby and i own is clean except for what we wore yesterday and today. now just have to put all this laundry away...


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