Saturday, October 2, 2010

ugh. get over this hump.

so i've been trying to post meghan's birth story for the last three weeks. literally. i haven't finished it yet so i'll just post it when it's done. at any rate, the most important facts are:

meghan louise is here!
born wednesday 7-28-10
at 1:29 pm
weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces
measuring 21 inches long!

she came via c-section after 42 hours of induced labor (more on this in her birth story post) but everything is going great, no problems so far. except for the fact it looks like i'll be watching the sun rise today. we went to bed around 10, meg fell right asleep and me not long after. then i woke up at 2 am, tossed and turned until 330am and decided to get up and surf the web! i know i should be doing something constructive like cleaning or putting away the groceries, but oh well. drew says leave the cleaning until monday but i don't think he gets how hard it is to do anything with a newborn around! especially since she doesn't nap very much and only for about 20 minutes at a time.

i think i might be suffering from the insomnia due to stress. our car broke down today. granted, it's a 97 olds 88 with lots of scratches, dents, rust and 175,000 miles, but we really cannot afford a new car until tax time in february. i was driving down the main road in our town today going from bed bath and beyond to walmart. (this main road is 2 lanes on both sides, mind you) and i heard/felt banging underneath the car like i had run over something. i looked out the back and didn't see anything and the driver behind me was acting normal so i didn't think anything of it until i went around a curve and didn't have any power steering! so i managed to get the walmart parking lot. i changed and fed meghan (not an easy task in the car, ps) then i checked the engine and the belt was shredded. so i called drew-he and cousin joey went and bought a belt while i started shopping at walmart.

drew called saying a belt wasn't going to cut it before i was even a 1/3 of the way finished with the groceries. i went out to the parking lot and drew showed me where a coil was broken on the auto tensioner (?? we're not totally sure) i called my dad and he said not to bother putting the belt on. so we're calling someone in the am to follow us out to my dad's house while aaa tows my car.

now that i've vented maybe i'll be able to fall back asleep.


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