Wednesday, October 6, 2010

well that didn't work

hmm. i tried to text a picture to my blog but it didn't work. good to know.

meg slept for 50 minutes in the bassinet, then another 30 minutes later that same night. but wouldn't go back in after that. better than not at all i suppose. i just don't want her to be 5 and still in our bed. which i hope won't happen and shouldn't especially if we have more children.

i had drew take the portable air conditioner

(wrote all that this morning at 1am then meghan woke up so i went back to bed, now its wednesday morning)

so i had drew take the portable air conditioner out of the window the other night and now it is a lot more quiet at night. plus the weather has finally turned cool and the hot summer seems to be over! fall is my favorite season, the changing leaves, everything smells crisp and lots of baking! i made apple crisp last night and it was delicious with vanilla ice cream all melty and goood. yum!

of course as i was lying in bed last night i had all kinds of things i needed to write about and google. and now i can't remember any of it.


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