Monday, November 7, 2011

way back...

...on October 20th, I started this post with just the following list: c25k diet museum formspring giveaway list free weekend alero...all the things I wanted to write about and figured that I would get to before too long. Yet, here we are on November 7th and I never even started writing full sentences, let alone the whole post! Hahaha. Silly me for thinking I would have time to do so in the last few days before Halloween. Let me begin...

C25k: Is going pretty well. I've started doing it inside (much to the dismay of my neighbors downstairs, I'm sure...but what am I going to do? I was failing miserably outside and I try not to make too much noise!) I use my Wii Fit game/balance board to time myself on the "Free Run" mini game-thinger and so far it's working out. I did notice that I make less stomping noise when I wear my sneakers. I thought I would be quieter without shoes, but I was wrong! Plus, I do it during the babies' nap time so it's midday and I'm sure the ladies downstairs would let me know if I was driving them wild. I did Day 1 of Week 4 today:

Walk Briskly-5 minutes
Jog-3 minutes
Walk-90 seconds
Jog-5 minutes (!)
Walk-2 1/2 minutes
Jog-3 minutes
Walk-90 seconds
Jog-5 minutes

Dylan did it right alongside me for most of it. The "(!)" next to "jog 5 minutes" is because it's a bit of a milestone, I couldn't tell you the last time I jogged for 5 minutes straight, which is sad but true. I feel so much better today after taking a (short, but needed) break during the Halloween week and weekend. I'm also glad I figured out the whole where-to-exercise deal because soon it will be snowing!

Diet-Has it's ups and downs like anything. Mostly downs lately, but I feel like I'm getting back into the groove of things and I hope to keep up the momentum during the holiday season. I do not have that voice that all the skinny people must have in their heads that tell them to not eat this and that...ha. :)

Museum-We went to the Museum of Play in Rochester on October 21st! It is super fun and Meghan, Dylan and I had a great time! Kim (mil) has a season family pass and had some extra guest passes so 15 of us went! It was a lot of fun and Meghan really enjoyed it. I thought she might be too young to get it, but she had a blast! There were lots of different things for her to do and see. I think the strawberry milkshake at lunch was her favorite! :)

Formspring-I made a formspring, check it out to the right--->
You can ask me anything-anonymously if you like! So, get asking! :)

Giveaway List-I thought about making a list of all the things I've won since I started entering giveaways online a few months ago, but not I'm just meh about it. I do think it's totally worth it, sort of like a part time job ;)

Free Weekend-I wrote this on my list of things to write about, but now I can't remember why! Maybe I had nothing planned for the weekend, except working on our Halloween costumes? I just don't know!

Alero-This really ought to be 'Alero/88'...Way back when we went camping in September, the Alero's exhaust separated from the car and was sort of hanging precariously and was just ridiculously loud, so we took it to a family friend's repair shop to have it replaced. We dropped it off on a Wednesday and on Saturday, Drew went off the road and totaled the 88! We went from 2 cars to none in less than a week! Thankfully, Drew was perfectly fine, but the 88 is not. :) We've been borrowing my Dad's giant Buick since then. I've been seeing losing the 88 as a blessing, even though it was our 2nd car, it didn't have any heat, no shocks, one of the windows didn't work right...the list goes on! I'm thankful that it wasn't our only car. Now the Alero is back in the shop for another reason. When I picked it up after having the exhaust repaired (note: repaired not replaced-the mechanic said he had the parts to replace it but ended up repairing it, my Dad said it would be stronger this way anyway) it started shutting itself off! Long story short, it was billowing white smoke and still shutting itself off, so back to the shop it went! It's still there and we've been using my Dad's car since then.

Well, I wrote about everything I wanted to write about weeks ago... :) Maybe one more post tonight-later that is!


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