Wednesday, October 19, 2011

insert clever title...

...there. Hahaha...sometimes I just don't know where to start a post. I often just want to write and get things out of my system, without having a clear direction of where my post will go. Today is the 19th, a little more than 10 days left until Halloween and I really need to get my booty in gear! This year, I am making Flintstones costumes for me, Drew and Meghan, plus a pumpkin costume for baby Freddy and parts of Dylan's costume-he is going as Jake from Disney channel's Jake and the Never Land Pirates. A little more challenging than what I am used to! So far, I have finished crocheting Freddy's pumpkin hat and sewn the body of Drew's costume. I still have to sew my dress and make a necklace and (maybe) bracelet, sew the black triangles on Drew's costume and figure out a tie, sew Meghan's top and bottoms, sew Dylan a vest, boot shaped shoe covers, and sew Freddy's pumpkin costume. It is definitely going to be a bit hectic here the next few days :)

For my Wilma dress, I have to go buy some plain white sheets, as I will need 2 layers for the front and back because white sheets are pretty see-through. The necklace and (maybe) bracelet will be scraps of fabric rolled up and then stuffed into a tube of white fabric, with thread tied around each roll to make the 'beads'. For Drew's tie, I have to find some bright blue fabric, I have some options in my fabric bin, but nothing that is quite close enough for me. He might just end up with a light blue tie! Meghan's costume has been quite the internal debate. I was going to use some of the leftover orange fleece from Drew's and use either black pants or make black bloomers, but most of the images of Pebbles have her in a blue top and green bottoms, or hot pink top with black bottoms. I think I'm going to go with a blue top and green bottoms because I know I have the fabric for it and the orange is a little lacking for both her and Freddy's pumpkin costume. For that, I'm going to make a little baby bunting-essentially a tube with head, arm and bottom holes and then a larger tube over that, that can be stuffed with polyfil or somthing before being sewn together. Elastic in the bottom will make it like a sleep sack. Freddy has a Halloween themed outfit to wear underneath with long sleeves and pants, so we don't have to worry about him getting cold! I have the perfect navy blue pillowcase that I will be turning into a vest for Dylan's pirate Jake costume. I've never made anything like a vest, so we will see how it goes! Lacie provided a white shirt, dark denim pants,and red bandana for Dylan's costume, so his will be part store bought and part homemade!

I definitely need to get a big chunk of work done this week so that I know what I need to buy still to get everything done. And with that, I will take advantage of naptime and go get some crafting done! :)


  1. I would love to see pictures of the costumes when you finish them. They sound adorable! Crocheted pumpkin hat?!? Cute!

  2. @Susan hi susan, thanks for stopping by! i will definitely post pictures of everything when it's done-how could i keep that from you and the rest of my readers?! :)


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