Saturday, January 28, 2012


...I finally figured out why my last post is showing up when I post comments on other blogs-I posted that giveaway to this blog instead of my giveaway blog. Blah. Oh well.

The scale didn't move today. Not down. But at least it didn't go up. :) That's my mantra for today. Dieting is still going ok. It's so hard to stay away from sweets. Especially when your hubby and baby can and will eat anything they want! (well, Meghan can't have whatever she wants, but you know what I mean!)

It's really tough when Drew asks for cookies or something. I love to bake, but I'm awful at not tasting the batter and the freshly baked goodness and then...just a bite here and there. Ugh. Well, there's still brownies in the kitchen .

I don't know. It's hard to not get the gloomies when the scale doesn't move, or worse, goes back up. It feels like nothing is happening. Definitely not happening fast enough.

I'm a pretty optimistic person, too. Ask anybody. I've always been cheerful. I'm sure it doesn't help that my hormones are all wacky because I'm ovulating. (cross your fingers and send baby dust our way!)

Not to mention all the other crazy stuff going on. grr. Stupid life getting in the way! haha.

Drew got his w-2's in the mail the other day, so I've been slowing working on our taxes. As soon as we get them, Meghan and I are taking the train to visit my college friend and bridesmaid from our wedding, Angie. She lives and works near Boston and it stinks being so far away from your best friend. We've been meeting up at Wells in June for reunions and in October for volunteer weekend because we're both on the FARGO Board (Friends And Recent Graduates) But we decided twice a year for a couple days isn't enough! So I offered to come visit her after tax-mas (like Christmas only when our tax returns come-haha) She works full time Monday through Thursday, so we'd be able to spend at least 3 days together and she might take a couple days off or work from home while we're there.

Off to wash some diapers :)


  1. Oh, taxes..I have no idea if we have everything we need to file our taxes...I'm terrified actually, but this year, it might be nice if we get a little back.

    1. here's to hoping we both get nice returns! ;)


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