Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday fun day!

Meghan had her first real sleepover last night. Dylan and Kaylee came over. Kaylee is the daughter of Lacie's boyfriend. Everything went really well, they played upstairs in the play room, are dinner together, watched Despicable Me and had popcorn for a snack. That is, until it came to be bedtime. 

Dylan had already fallen asleep on the couch. So I got the 2 girls settled in on the air mattress in the playroom. (The playroom is the first room at the top of the stairs) Then I went down and woke Dylan up to use the bathroom and walked him upstairs and tucked him in. 

But then Meg wouldn't settle down. (Surprise) She was opening and closing the door to the stairs, talking, and doing who knows what else. Then there was crying from Dylan because Meg kept shutting the door. So I took Meg downstairs and told her she'd have to sleep with me if she couldn't be good and quiet. 

Of course that set her off, but I calmed her down and took her back upstairs. When we got up there, Dylan told me that Kaylee was crying because she was scared. (Kaylee had never slept over all night somewhere else, but Dylan sleeps some nights at my Dads)

I brought everybody downstairs and said I'd call or text Lacie to come pick up Dylan and Kaylee. Poor Meg was devastated and wailing, "I don't want them to gooooo. I want them to stayyyyyy." And I tried to explain that we can't make people stay when they don't want to. But she wasn't really buying it. 

Lacie wasn't responding to my texts so I called her, she and Paul (the boyfriend) were out to dinner and she said to tell them to calm down and they'd be out to pick them up later. 

I tucked all 3 kids into my bed and turned on the Tigger movie. They were all asleep before the end of the movie! Hurray!

So we sort of had a sleepover. :)


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