Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's true. I am feeling uplifted. Ever since my ObGyn appointment last Thursday. It was for a regular annual exam but we talked at length about how long we've been trying to conceive. About the miscarriage last year. About vbac and repeat cesareans. 

In total, we've been trying to conceive since August of 2011. Over two years and I've only been pregnant once. 

The midwife I met with, Meghan (coincidently) was very knowledgeable and really put me at ease. My office doesn't do vbac because the hospital they deliver at is in the little city and they are the only office that delivers at that hospital. 

But things could change. Maybe by the time we're pregnant with #3, they'll have changed their backwards views and get with the program. The hospital in the little city has an operating room and anesthesiologist on staff, but they don't have a nicu. Which is why I believe they don't do vbac. But a nicu shouldn't be necessary if the pregnancy and mom are healthy. At any rate. 

I am determined and hopeful to vbac. Complications only rise with each repeat cesarean. And I am not about to go scheduling a repeat at 39 weeks (the office's policy) when due dates are just guesses. Especially since my cycle length  has been wacky. Varying between 28-32 days. 

But! The best news was at the end if the appointment. Meghan said to keep using the fertility friend app (love it!) to keep track of my temps and and keep trying for a babe and if we are still not pregnant after the 1st of the year then we should for an appointment with the doctor to run tests and start looking at preconception techniques to help us. Like hormones and things like that. 

I would really love to conceive without the help of hormones. But if that's what it takes. We clearly cannot do this on our own. 

In addition, I have got to start exercising regularly and eating right. I'm doing nothing but hurting our chances by sitting around and being lazy about what I'm eating. 

Even if we weren't trying to get pregnant, carrying around this extra 100 pounds is wreaking havoc on my body. 

I only wish I had gone to the doctor sooner. 

Halloween updates and pictures tomorrow, I hope!


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