Thursday, December 2, 2010

and now a little note on religion

this is something i've been meaning to write about for a while. i feel conflicted regarding religion. when i was little my dad's girlfriend would take us to a baptist church in a small town near home but since then i haven't had any other exposure to religion. i think i've always felt some sort of higher power is out there watching over us, dictating our every move. i also believe that when my sister was attacked and almost murdered i came to a turning point in my faith.

i was devastated. i was so angry that He had let this happen to her. why didn't He send someone better to help her than the woman in the car who was too scared to get out. i came to realize that he has a plan for everyone and perhaps this was the only way to get rid of dylan's father. perhaps now the right person and my sister will find each other and she can finally get her happy ending.

that's all for now. the kids are napping and i'm enjoying this relative silence.


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