Sunday, December 12, 2010

hey man...

...don't leave me hanging!

we're just hanging around the house today, at least for a little while. that's only because we don't have a car. here's a little backstory:

if you don't know i live in central ny, and we've been getting blasted with snow for a week. literally. it did not stop snowing for a week straight, maybe longer. we have 2 cars on the road, drew drives an alero and i have the 88 in case i need it. we hadn't bothered to clear off the 88 during this ridiculous snow because i didn't have anywhere to go when drew was at work. so when the snow started to melt a couple days ago, it got real icy.

fastforward to 230am sunday morning:

i get a phone call from drew saying he slid off the road. coincidently into the same spot some else went off the road but not as far. i would've gone to get him then but the 88 was buried under feet of snow. he had just left a friend's house, so he texted him to see if he would come and take drew home at least. his "friend" never answered.

meanwhile i was trying to figure out if we still had AAA. my dad has been getting AAA for the last four years as Christmas presents. but he didn't renew the policy this year because AAA knocked his coverage from gold plus rv down to basic claiming we've used their tow service too much. when i found that out i was like, really?! really aaa? we've used your services that we pay for too much?!?

but there was no changing that, so we moved onto trying to get drew home instead of sleeping in the car overnight. around 3am he told me his phone was going to die, so i sent him a text at 312am to call his mom right away. she might've still been up and willing to come get him and bring him home.

i called him at 430am because he was still not home and he said he had fallen asleep in the car but would call his mom right then. he had to keep calling to wake someone up. his mom and dad went out to pick him up and he finally arrived home around 545am. his parents were hoping meg was awake but she kept sleeping until they left around 630am.

then we finally went to bed. sunday afternoon we had my stepfather, jim pull the alero out and we were on our way home!


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