Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've got 12 minutes 18 seconds... write a quick post before my muffins are done! But, you may be asking yourself, why on earth is she baking muffins at 1123pm? Well, I realized about an hour ago that Drew had nothing to take to work for breakfast! He eats breakfast in the car, so we usually have Pop tarts, or granola or almonds or something easy for him to snack on on his way to work. However, we are without a quick breakfast food today, so I just whipped up some strawberry oat muffins and they are baking off in the oven. Thus, the need for the quick post. Hopefully they turn out well.

Yesterday was Luke's graduation party, we had so much fun! We got to see a whole bunch of Drew's side of the family and lots of little ones! Drew's aunt gave us a little ride-on toy for Meghan that her girls had outgrown and Meg was stoked! I wish I had thought to get a picture of her on it, in fact, I didn't take any pictures at all. Bad me!

We drank lots of water because it was hot! And lots of good food, of course. Kim made baked chicken, meatball subs, sausage/peppers/onions on sub rolls, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, devilled eggs, salt potatoes, baked beans. Plus there was chips, veggies and dip and candy on the tables. It was a feast! I ate waaay too much, but it was so good! Meghan enjoyed her share of chicken, macaroni and cheese and carrots. She loves a good baby carrot over anything else!

Nothing too crazy going on this week, my Grandmother's birthday on Wednesday and Drew's youngest sister's birthday on Friday, hopefully we'll be back out to our hometown to celebrate her 6th birthday!


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