Thursday, August 4, 2011

mish mash...


Often, through out the day, I get random thoughts or things happen and I say to myself, "I should be blogging about this..." Of course, at 1:09 in the morning, when I actually set down to write a post, I can't remember anything.

I think I shall resolve this by attempting to write everyday. Remember what happened last time? I attempted to write once a day for 30 days and ended up with about 12 posts. Less than half! I could argue I had a 4 month old bed sharing-breastfeeding through the night-constantly waking baby, resulting in a super tired momma, but I won't.

Point is, I should be able to post once a day. When I think of all the useless things I do online during the day, it not only adds up to enough time to write a post, it vastly exceeds it! :)

Eh, we'll see what happens, I guess.

I watched Dylan like regular on Monday and then on Tuesday I went to my Dad's house to see my sister and do some labor and delivery education! I don't know if I shared this already, but I'm my sister's doula, for whenever baby Freddy decides to join us. :) I had lined up some youtube videos for her to watch of labor positions, natural birth, etc. She did not like some of them that showed actual births, claiming she did not need to see it. I promptly told her she needs to know what's going to happen to her body. She countered with the fact that she's been reading books...not as much as I would like her to though. I just know she's going into this almost as blind as I was, and I would hate for her to have the same birth experience I had.

Of course, it will be different. She's delivering in a different hospital and by a midwife in a team of ob's. Also, I have done so much research and I will be with her every step of the way! Surely, God will guide us and everything will turn out right. (funny side note, I typed 'bob' first instead of 'God'...haha, how funny would that be if we called our deity Bob!)

We also practiced some labor positions, so at least she is vaguely familiar with them!

Ok, lots of prayers tonight for my sister and I just found out a family member-in-law is pregnant! (I did comment on her blog post that she should send some baby dust this way ;) )

Night all!


  1. I'm looking for good online videos of birth. Any tips?

  2. What a great post. Come and see my giveaways!

  3. @ali, here's the links to the ones my sister and i watched:

    thanks for stopping by!


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