Saturday, August 20, 2011


...I added a reply button to my comments! I am stoked, I love to reply to all your lovely comments, but I think it looks awkward when it's not a reply. It sort of looks mishmashed. Like I am replying to my own post instead of your comment!

In other not-so-nerdy news, today is a glorious Saturday! Drew's brother, Luke has graduated high school and today is his graduation party! I am excited to get to see his side of the family and visit with them...and also for the food! There's just something about mil, Kim's, cooking. It's amazing! (and I'm not just saying that because she reads this! :D ) Her food is just super simple and yummy! She even did all the food for our wedding and reception! (except the cake) Which reminds me, I should write the story of our wedding on here sometime...

Maybe another post later tonight!


  1. Very awesome on the reply button! I always wondered why that wasn't automatically offered. How did you figure that out?? I'd love the same feature; KUDOS!!!

  2. @Ali hi ali!

    blogger doesn't automatically offer a reply button with their templates, so i had to change to html. i used the super easy instructions here:

    thanks for reading!


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