Tuesday, October 4, 2011

how do you like...

...the new blogger interface? (for those of you who use blogger) Originally I didn't like it, there's so much white space, I find it hard to concentrate on what I'm writing, plus it's just different! :) So I switched back to the old version for awhile and now I'm on the new version again.

I guess you could call me a flip-flopper! ;)

It's been a little crazy in the small apartment lately, isn't it always? September was just jam packed with birthdays, parties, adventures, and culminated in what I like to call"Angie/Rebeccapalooza"! This past weekend was Volunteer Retreat Weekend at my alma mater, Wells College And my good friends, Angie and Rebecca came into town. Wells is very close to me, Rebecca took the train in from Chicago and Angie drove in from Boston. We spent the whole weekend together, causing trouble like we used to in college! Well, not really, but we did have a lot of fun! And we learned about some great opportunities to help our school.

We also went apple picking on Sunday at Beak and Skiff. It looked like we were going to get rained out, but the weather held out long enough for us to pick apples, browse the general store, eat fritters and drink apple cider! :) MMmmmm, it was delicious!

Of course, now that I've been apple picking twice in 2 weeks, I have a ridiculous amount of apples. I'm going to make apple cake today and probably some apple muffins for breakfasts this week. I found a very simple recipe for the cake on AllRecipes, I'll let you all know how it turns out!

In the baby department, more good news! My good friend and wife of Drew's cousin, Klare is pregnant with their second child! We are very excited! Klare and Jeremy (Drew's cousin) have a 15 month old, Scott, who is 28 days older than Meghan, so we were pregnant at the same time! I joked with her on Facebook that we should be pregnant at the same time again and it would be so much fun! I was ovulating over the past week and I'll know in a about a week! :) I mentioned on Facebook that I had been having vivid pregnancy/birth dreams like I did last time-right before I found out I was pregnant with Meghan... :)

It would be so awesome to not only be pregnant again, but again at the same time as Klare! Amazing to say the least! I joked with Drew that it would be crazy if we were exactly a month behind Klare and Jeremy again-haha! No symptoms yet, so I don't have my hopes up too high yet-just the regular amount ;)

Well, I've got cake to back and toddlers to put to bed, so long.


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