Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday... definitely not Friday. I'll be doing my Friday letters in a separate (yet equal) post. Sorry I've slacked a bit. But, my first week back at work has been tough! It's been especially challenging since it's the first (of three) weeks of training, so we went through all the really boring stuff. HR and W-4's and cancer insurance and term life insurance and accidental death and disability insurance and 401k and empire vision discounts... Do you see where I'm here? Plus we learned the differences between credit unions and banks (the 4-letter word, hah), Empower's beliefs and values. The ABC's of professionalism (Attitude, Behavior and Communication) What to do in a robbery...etc.

Pretty exciting.

We did get to shadow different employees at 3 branches, that was neat. Next week, I'll learn actual functions of my position, the starting Friday I'll be training in the branch!

It's amazing how a first day at work is almost the same as a first day back at school. Stressing over what outfit to wear and how to style my hair. (Which reminds me, I need to figure out both for tomorrow!)

But, I made it through the first week fairly unharmed. Excepting for Meghan. She has not taken the transition very well. Before, she could be asleep within minutes. Now it's taking upwards of an hour. Her record is an hour and 20 minutes. Which is just ridiculous. :( Sadfaces all around. Those nights where it took an hour+, I would fall right asleep after, just mentally exhausted. Yuck.

So much for getting into an exercise routine.

We've also made it through our first week housesitting for Drew's grandparents while they drive cross country for their 50th anniversary. I hope Drew and I do something as exciting and fun for our 50th! :)

I think the combination of me being gone for 8+ hours a day and us housesitting is what's causing Meghan so much distress at night. We don't have our furniture or bedding, but we did bring Meg's crib mattress and her blankie. She calls her little spot in the corner, her bed. So. Hopefully we're making some headway there.

I've been wanting to use this opportunity (mostly empty house) to really get crafty with sewing and crochet, get my etsy store finally filled with items. But, it's not happening. You'd think I'd be able to get something done with a whole weekend spread before me. Yet, here we are on Sunday...

I'll leave you with that. And go work on my Friday letters...from 2 days ago. :)


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