Wednesday, September 5, 2012


...Wednesday! Well, it would be if I could keep my head on straight. I had a rather odd labor dream last night (involving a wacky roommate who had already birthed her baby, but her friends/family were celebrating with a disco ball, lights, and bubbles. Yes, bubbles.) and I think it threw my whole day off. The plan was to go to the storage unit and get some things out of it so I can pack up 3 lives. That was the only thing I had to do today because Dylan was supposed to get here at 2pm and Lacie would be picking him up around dinner time.

Then, I decided I may as well take my weekly UPS drop off (15 minutes away) and if I'm doing that I might as well go to the little city to visit the bank (30 minutes). So, we get to the little city, drop off my package and we're driving around when we get a call from Kim that Dylan got dropped off. Two and a half hours early. (Thanks, Mom) Kim graciously agreed to watch Dylan and we agreed to pick up Carrie from school, so Kim could make 1 less trip to the little city today. (She has to take Carrie to the big city for a doctor's appointment, then back to the little city to pick Val up from work)

We enjoyed the Chinese buffet near the McDonald's and TOPS (grocery store) on the outskirts of town, near Carrie's school. (for you locals who read this, the sushi is sublime!)

To top it off, as we are driving home (now 15 minutes from the bank and home) I realize I never went to the bank! I intended to go after dropping off the package, but then we ended up at the buffet; so I was going to stop after we picked up Carrie. Instead, I just drove straight home.

And we didn't stop at the storage unit, either.

All in all, a successful day. ;)

Tomorrow we are off to Arby's for free turkey sandwiches (11am-1pm, ya'll!) and the ice cream shop with pumpkin soft serve...yum!

And then the storage unit, of course.


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