Thursday, September 6, 2012

th is for...

...Thursday. Totally thought today was Friday, so I was thinking up things to write for my "Friday Letters". I'll just have to save those for tomorrow. :) Only 3 more days until I start my new job! I am super excited, but I cannot for the life of me decide what I want to wear the first day. Or how to do my hair. We have to have pictures taken for IDs. Might as well be back to school, because it feels like it!

The kids are about to step off the bus, they started school on Tuesday. Sean is in Kindergarten, Danielle 1st grade, Olivia 7th, Eileen 8th, Jake 10th and Carrie is going for her GED. Carrie rides the bus, but then gets bused from the high school to the little city to take GED and childcare classes.

We've had to pick Carrie up early from school the last 2 days, Doctor appointment yesterday and then today she didn't feel well. She said she ate the school's pizza and then felt really nauseous.

But! I actually ran all my errands I needed to, today. Bank and storage unit. Now I really have no excuse to be packing. Ugh, I hate packing, but I love going on trips! Soon I'll be reporting from Drew's grandparents house. Not gonna lie, it'll be nice to blog/facebook/surf the internet without any background noise ;)

Carrie's birthday is tomorrow, she will be 18! We were talking yesterday about what kind of food we'll have for her birthday dinner and she listed off: asparagus, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, lobster, scallops...quite the extravagant dinner! I'm alright with any of those, except the artichokes. Yuck. I've only had them once, while I was studying abroad in Italy, my roommate (also from Wells) made them, but I did not enjoy them. :)

OK. Time to pack. Ugh.


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