Wednesday, May 18, 2011

are you ready...

...for this? Complete and udder disbelief was my initial reaction. How can we limit something as natural as breastfeeding? Who cares how old the child is. I read the following stats somewhere on the internet:

+humans naturally wean between the ages of 2.5 to 7 years old

+WHO (world health organization) recommends breastfeeding until 2 years old and beyond if mutually agreeable between mother and child

+humans are the only mammals that consumer another mammal's milk past infancy-like cow's or goat's milk. all other mammals feed from their mother until they wean and feed on their own

These facts really stick in my mind for some reason, I even spouted the WHO fact to my little sister who is pregnant and is planning on breastfeeding her baby. In the same conversation, she mentioned she would breastfeed for at least a year and then wean. I told her that I originally would do the same, but now that we've been going almost 10 months strong and all the research I've done, I'm going to let Meghan wean when she's ready. I love it, she loves it, it's not hurting anyone and she continues to reap all the benefits. In addition, I haven't had a period since October of 2009! I can't tell you how much I love that! :)

But I digress. What is that city thinking?! They are slumping breastfeeding into the same category as public nudity and adult entertainment. (!) How is it possible to equate nourishing our children with adult non-tertainment? I certainly do not think of naked ladies when breastfeeding. I think about how I am providing the absolute best nutrition for my child so that she gets the best start in life.

I signed the petition because this is an issue I feel very strongly about. It was at 214 signatures when I signed earlier and now they're up to 422! When I was pregnant, I decided to breastfeed because my mother did and my older sister breastfed my nephew for 6 months. I knew I was going to be a sahm so I could easily breastfeed for a year.

Well, Meghan's birthday is in July and I don't see the end in sight! Happy nursing! :)


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