Thursday, May 19, 2011

new news...

...just a little update here on the homefront. We are all doing well. Drew's been playing with his band a whole bunch, practicing during the week and playing every other Thursday at a bar/hotel in our hometown. He has a love/hate relationship with the band and the guys in it. One week everything is hunky-dorry and the next he doesn't want to play anymore. I don't know, I say make a decision and stick with it. There are other people he could play with.

At any rate, Meghan and I are good. Nothing new to report with her. She is up to 6 teeth and I find myself getting bit more and more! I noticed she was spitting up quite a lot so I cut back on the amount of solids I was feeding her and she seems to be doing much better now. (almost) Every day she has a lunch of 1/2 jar veggie and 1/2 jar of meat mixed together and 1 tablespoon baby cereal mixed with 1/2 jar of fruit. So today the menu was beef and carrots, peaches and oatmeal. And man, does she love her fruit! I feed her the meat/veggie first and she just stares at the fruit/cereal container knowing that I'm holding out on the good stuff! :) Usually we do all breastmilk on the weekends or if we go out for the day. I see no reason to lug around baby foods when I've got all I need ready to go anytime!

This weekend we are going to Drew's cousin's wedding. I am super excited! I love weddings and his aunt (not the bride's mother) is making the cupcakes which will be super yummy! His aunt made the cupcakes for her son's wedding in December and they were awesome! This will be Meghan's 5th wedding in a year (if you count ours in utero :) Five weddings in a year! Love must be in the air...

Also, another of Drew's cousins (he has ~50 mind you!) announced today that she is pregnant with her 2nd child and is due in January. I am excited for her and her family but also a little sad and jealous that I am not pregnant again yet. I asked Drew the other night if he thought we would have more babies and he said 'yes' right away, which made me feel better. But I still have this nagging feeling that it hasn't happened yet. At least I don't have that monthly reminder that I'm not pregnant again as I'm still nursing Meghan quite a bit. And I know this is why we haven't gotten pregnant again yet, but I can't help but think those bad thoughts that there is something really wrong. :( Aww, sad face for me... :) There, that's better!

Well, I guess that's all for now, night all!


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