Sunday, May 8, 2011


...mother's day! to all the mommas and mommas-to-be and those who are like mommas but might not actually be a momma or never will be a momma. Today was my first mother's day with Meghan. And it was glorious! I got to sleep in an extra 2 hours! Drew got out of bed and brought Meghan into our bed so I could nurse her for the 1st feed of the day and then took her out to the living room so I could sleep in! I'll admit, I didn't sleep the whole time, sometimes I just laid there and listened to her babble and banter with her daddy through the door. It was love-a-ly.

We lounged around for a few hours-during which Meghan did not take a nap and mostly screeched like a pterodactyl. Yes, you read that right. My daughter sounds like an extinct dinosaur. And it's not just your normal run-of-the-mill high pitched screaming in excitement when she sees something she wants. It's like this crazy mix of pitch and scratching and possessed-by-a-demon like sound. It's intense to say the least. My ears ache from it. Literally. :) It is quite hard to not laugh every time she does it though!

After we got our move on, we headed out to our hometown to have dinner at my mom and her husband's house (I don't use the word step-dad. I'm 25 and my mother's been married 3 times.) When we arrive there, I realize that she's invited everyone she knows. Well, not really, but there were a ton of people there I didn't know she was inviting. This information would have been crucial this morning when I was putting together the dessert to feed all these people!

It seems that no matter how many times I told everyone that Meghan had not napped and had not even met half of the people there, it was my fault she was so cranky because I never leave her with anyone. I took this as a personal dig because I'm a sahm and it seems like no one is supportive of this (except my husband's side of the family, because it's the norm for them) I'm sure I'm being compared to my older sister, Lacie, who has a completely different situation/parenting style/life than me. My sister didn't get married when she got pregnant on purpose and supplemented with formula for 6 months when she went completely to formula and also returned to work because the father of her baby ruined their finances.

Sorry about the vent there. But it is really frustrating when it seems like no one is on my side besides dh. I know I have a faithful supporter in him, we trust each other to make the decisions that we do. For example, I have always been curious about cloth diapering. We are a single income family and it is hard to get everything paid and then shell out an extra $50-$70 a month for disposable diapers and wipes (even more when Meghan was a newborn). It just doesn't make sense.

My mother cloth diapered my sisters and I do to finances and I've also watched my MIL use disposables for her last 2 children and I don't know how she did it with all 12! Slowly but surely I've been turning dh over to the cloth diaper side and we will soon switch from disposable to cloth. His concerns were the amount of extra laundry/money for the laundry machines because we live in an apartment building. I explained that it would only be an extra 2-3 loads a week once we have a full stash and I can air dry inside in the winter and on our veranda in the summer. By the time Meghan is potty-trained, we will save about $1000. Imagine the savings when we have our next baby if we cloth diaper from birth!

At any rate, after the awkwardness at my mother's house (and the dessert non-fiasco) we headed over to dh's family's house to visit them. His brothers and sisters just adore Meghan and love on her like she's a new puppy! Drew's mom was also glad to get to hold Meghan for a long time today as the last time we saw them was Easter and she was sick and did not want to pass her germs (which I am always grateful for!) It was very nice to sit and visit with them, I hate to say it, but I always feel more at home with them than I do with my own family. Sad, I know, but that's how it is!

I will not end this on a sad note! Over at One Smiley Monkey, there is (another!) fabulous giveaway for an organic hooded baby jacket by Green Bean Baby. It is super adorable, with green vine stitching detail around the hood and both sides of the zipper, too cute! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!


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