Wednesday, May 4, 2011

here we go...

...folks! A real post. For reals! So much has happened and I'm sure I'm going to forget most some of it, oh well! You don't need every minute detail, I suppose.

Meghan is now a little over 9 months! Time has flown by so fast, everyday I wish she would just slow down and be a tiny newborn again. I hated it at the time and now I miss it. I miss her sleeping all the time, I miss her tiny fingers and toes, I miss her sleepytime smiles. I do not miss ebf poops, projectile spit ups and that fussy period after dinnertime-I definitely do not miss that! Meghan is so sweet and devilish at the same time! She has a sneaky sly smile when she knows she's getting into something she shouldn't. And she does the most adorable "head hug" (as my sister calls it) where she lays her head down on the shoulder of whomever is holding her when she's sleepy or shy. Oh, she's soooo shy! It is the most adorable thing! I just cannot get enough of her-and I spend all day with her! :)

I'm still watching my nephew, Dylan, 4-5 times a week for my older sister, Lacie. He is just a whirlwind of movement and noise! Always on the go. Something to see, do, touch, or play with. He is a sweet boy when he wants to be, but also has only child attitude, too! When the weather is nice, we walk the less than 2 blocks to the playground and Dylan is just in his element. He loves to be outside, climbing on everything, playing in the dirt, and swinging on the swings. He does not, however, quite grasp the concept of "pumping" his legs to propel himself on the swing. So, if I'm on a swing and Meghan's in the baby swing, then I have to jump off my swing to give him a push every once in a while. He gets pretty cooped up when the weather's bad and it's rained every day here for the past 8 days in a row or something ridiculous like that. Poor kid, every day I have to tell him it's raining or too wet to go outside and that we'll go tomorrow if it the ground dries up. The playground is on a grassy hill but the ground is covered in wood chips where the actual jungle gym is at and they just retain water like it's their job! Much too wet to play!

Drew still has the same job at the computer repair company. He did get a small raise a little while back for his 1 year anniversary. I, of course, would like to see him in something with a better future. His dad works for the water treatment for our county and it's a great job. I want him to get something that he loves to do as well. He wants to go back to school, to finish his bachelors degree. He has always talked about being a teacher so he could get the summer off! :) Who wouldn't want that?

I spend my days watching the little ones, crafting, scouring the internet for good deals and making our apartment a home. Tonight for dinner I baked some marinated chicken from Omaha Steaks, and made white rice and broccoli to go with it. It was delicious! Tomorrow it's Lasagna, garlic bread and key lime tartlets so tonight was worth it!

My younger sister, Kait, is pregnant with her first baby. She's due on her birthday, 8-8-11. We (everyone I know!) were all in shock when she told us that she was pregnant. Apparently, she was not even in a relationship with the father (she had been previously) at the time she conceived the baby. And she's just one of the those irresponsible people who can't really take care of herself, so we were all mystified as to why she would want to keep the baby or move in with the father! (whom she is still not in a relationship with)

When she first told everyone that she is pregnant, our mother, sister and grandmother all told her to have an abortion because she wouldn't be able to take care of a baby. And I really think that just pushed her in the opposite direction, because she did end up deciding to keep the baby. She said she doesn't believe in abortion and wouldn't consider adoption, either. I advised her to keep all her options open and get all the information she could about all her options. In the end, she's keeping it and I will stand by her and her decision. I want her to have the birth experience that she wants and not the 3 ring circus that I did.

So, I have been trying to share with her all the information I've gained since I gave birth and I also offered to go and stay with her after she has the baby to help her transition into motherhood. Because I know it's going to be so tough for her, because it was for me. I suspect I had ppd but was able to work through it. There were days where I felt like I had been crying for 24 hours straight-and so had Meghan. When I was offering to go and help her out after the birth, I was telling her how that is the normal thing to do and our family isn't like that. It had occurred to me, as I was watching "Bringing Home Baby," or one of those TLC shows, that our family is not the norm. Of all the episodes I've watched, the grandmother goes to stay with the new mom and baby to help them adjust.

I never expected Drew's mom to offer to come and stay with us because she has little ones of her own, but I thought maybe my mom would want to come and stay or come when she could to help us out-especially because I was having breastfeeding issues. But, the offer never came and I never felt comfortable enough to reach out to her with all the questions and concerns I had. So, I turned to the electronic community for answers and I found so much love and warmth and knowledge. It's like an e-family! :)

Kait seemed keen on the idea and I would like to help her succeed. So, depending on our nursing situation, I may spend weeks or just nights or go over during the day to help her out. I'd like to be there at night, because nights are the worst! Right now, Meghan is breastfed on demand during the day and usually sleeps 7pm-7am straight through the night. If we are still in the same situation when Kait has her baby, I may put Meghan down for the night here and then go to Kait's house for the night and be back in the morning in time for the 1st feed of the day. I'm not sure, she may not want me there that much! At any rate, Kait mentioned the other day that I've stepped in for our mother and she's really appreciative-not in so many words, but I could tell from the sound of her voice.

It's getting late, babes, so I'm going to sleep!


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