Monday, May 9, 2011

baltic amber...

teething necklace giveaway over atmummies nummies! I'm sharing this giveaway because I would love to get Meg an amber necklace, but it is not in the foreseeable future and yet her teething rages on. Rages. On. Seriously, this sweet baby girl can turn nasty at the turn of a hat. She gets super cranky and fussy, won't nurse. Today she wouldn't nurse when she was tired (she falls asleep nursing) which is just so out of character. I had to give her a bottle, I hate to do it, but when she woke up 2+ hours later, she was back to her normal self and nursed well the rest of the day. At any rate, nothing seems to help her aching gums so I want to get her an amber necklace, but cd's and a new car seat are more important and are coming first! That's all for now!


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