Friday, July 29, 2011

ketchup?..., catch up! Haha, I have sooo much to write about! I really think I should just start multiple blog posts as I think them, there's an idea! This past Saturday was Meghan's first birthday and here are some highlights:

Morning of the party! Check out meg's themed pink and purple tyedye onesie we bought at the state fair last year!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Meg and Aunt Kait, who is due with her 1st baby on 8-8-11, her birthday!

Meghan and Aunt Lacie, I love this picture!

awesome shirt my friend Klare made for meg, she has a 1 year old, scotty, and is married to Drew's cousin, Jeremy, who was in the same grade as me in high school

Ahhh, cupcakes! :)

We had it at a local park pavilion, because it was free! It was in a lovely, completely shaded area, which worked out great because it was in the low 90s that day! There is a public pool located at the same park and it is indefinitely closed, which worked to our advantage. I imagine it would have been quite crowded, had it been open.

We kept things simple, as far as food. Drew grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers. My mom made a veggie and dip tray, Lacie made devilled eggs, Kim (Drew's mom) made her awesome pasta salad, my grandmother brought fruit salad and I threw together a cheese/pepperoni/cracker tray. I'm glad we didn't have to do all the food, because that plus the 114 cupcakes...yes! 114!...would've been craaaazy.

I crafted a lot of things for this party, yet neglected to get any really good pictures of the party (go me!) I made the cupcake shaped invitations, cut out 100+ cupcake wrappers, sewed up 900 feet of crepe paper into ruffled streamers, 17 cupcake take home boxes, made a cupcake shaped pinata...I think that's it. Haha, it was nuts! I had more plans, but I didn't do some of them. I had also wanted to do a happy birthday banner and a "watch me grow" banner (with pictures of Meghan at 1 month, 2 months, etc.) I'm glad I didn't because I was stressed enough as it was!

We had a blast and everything went well, until my mother pointed out there were no condiments for the hot dogs and hamburgers...the only thing I will say is that they were on the hubby's list and he didn't want to pay $8 for the party pack at BJ's! (wholesale club) :D So, we ate plain hot dogs and burgers and they weren't bad. It was too hot to care anyway!

Meghan's actual birthday is today, I had her birthday post all written and set up to automatically post at 9 this morning, but it never did...hmmm...I don't know! That's what I get for trying to do something ahead of time! :) I just manually posted it, even though it reads 9am. Well, now I'm going to work on a post with off I go!


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