Thursday, July 14, 2011

starting something early...

...coming from me, this is a biiiiig deal! I am a super procrastinator, sometimes it's a bad thing, sometimes not. Usually I work best under pressure. I've started writing Meghan's 1 year old blog post. I want something true and from the heart that makes since when read. Usually I just get on here and randomly write down my thoughts. Sorry you all have to sort it out as I go along :)

So, Meghan turns 1 on the 28th and I am super excited, I cannot believe she's a year old already! (more on this in forthcoming post) I've We've been really busy planning and researching and doing and crafting up wonderful surprises. Here's a picture of the invitation I made:

It's not the best quality, but you get the jist. I was going to include a picture of the inside, but it's too much of a hassle to cover up or edit out the personal info and I don't need any stalkers! ;)

Meghan's party is cupcake themed, I don't want to give away too much because mil, Kim, reads this and I want to have some surprises! I will say that I am toooo crafty for my own good! We are having a cookout at a local park. Hubby is grilling up burgers and hot dogs, I'm enlisting family members to make the sides-fruit salad, pasta salad, etc. And I am undertaking the cupcakes. Hopefully massive amounts. I want to do yummy flavors rather regular old plain jane flavors like vanilla and chocolate. At the very least, make some yummy frostings to go on the plain jane cupcakes! My plan is too bake everything on Thursday, frost/decorate on Friday, then it will be all done for the party on Saturday.

Not too much happening here at our household. Tonight, Meghan and I went to a Chinese Buffet to celebrate hubby's sister's 13th birthday. Her actual birthday is Saturday, but she is leaving to go camping this weekend, so she won't be around. On Saturday, we have a graduation party to go to for Drew's cousin. Just the usual. So long for now!


  1. Sounds like fun!
    I will be doing over 5 giveways next motnh. You can put them on your other blog as I see you do for other people. Do follow my blog and good luck to first time mother of a 1 year old. we are actually close in age . You 26 and i 25!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog and giveaways!


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