Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 things...

...occurred to me today.

1) That I may have come off as super harsh in my Friendly Debates regarding bikinis and daughters and modesty. And I'm sorry if I offended anyone! Whatever you do with your family is your business and I didn't mean it to sound holier-than-thou and that my opinion was the right opinion. Because opinions are just that, personal views, and if your daughters wear bikinis, I don't care! I still love you! Let's be friends. :)

2) Even though some posts show 0 views, you may actually be scrolling down from my home page and reading all the posts, so ignore my suspicious rambling.

Ah, now that that's settled.

I didn't work out today. Blah. I really should have. I've resolved to weigh myself once a week and I'm no longer doing the Wii Fit. Weighing in every day was weighing heavily on my heart and it's hard to stay motivated when I'm yo-yoing everyday. This week I started a program that gradually brings up your fitness level and it was going great until yesterday, which was supposed to be a rest day! I did 10 lunges (each leg, so 20 total) as the plan states and now I'm paying for it. My thighs and booty are sore! :) But not too sore to not exercise, so I have no excuse!

In fact, no time like the present! Off to quick exercise before bed!

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  1. Your get to say what you want!

    And, really, you shouldn't weigh in every day..or even go by that at all. Go by how you feel, how your clothes fit. That will tell you more.

    When I'm working out, at first, I tend to gain weight first.

    Keep at it!


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