Friday, March 23, 2012


...swimsuit weather. Dread. Utter and complete dread for me. :( Eh, I've been meaning to write this post for awhile as the good weather has been approaching and the topic of a weekly debate on a couple blogs I read deals with bathing suits and daughters, so they kind of go hand in hand. Me first ;)

I am, if you don't already know, quite a large woman. And I breastfeed. I've accepted this, these facts of life, as it were. I am basically large all over, large belly, large bust. And I have to admit that I was super uncomfortable last summer in my bathing suit. Notsomuch when I nursed in it, as I just threw a swim towel over us in a chair. It didn't get a lot of use, thankfully not too much in public as my wonderful in-laws have a pool! :)

Still, I couldn't help but be constantly hiking it up or feeling like I was exposed the whole time. I really feel like this goes hand in hand with my wearing skirts full time, trying (achieving, I hope!) to be more feminine and modest.

My current, for the past few years, bathing suit is a standard plus size skirted bathing suit, similar to this style:
(photo credit)

Except my suit is dark brown with tiny turquoise polka dots and waaaay skinnier straps. I don't know why someone would design a plus size bathing suit-knowing that those straps are going to have a load to bear-with the tiniest straps. At any rate, those darn straps cause the most frustration.

I really feel like I need to be more covered up. I've been debating investing in a more modest swimsuit, such as:
(photo credit)

Granted, there are a few things about this suit I would want to change, but that's only because I know how I would look as a plus size momma, compared to this lovely young lady.

I am a bit hesitant though,. The price for one, $75 for a plus size suit, not including shipping or if I wanted to make the skirt or leggings longer. $75 is not a bad price, especially for a plus size suit, but it is definitely not in any foreseeable budget. Also, I would be the only person I know with such a modest suit. Not that I haven't ever been the odd one out! ;)

Hmm. She also makes toddler suits...I'll probably just end up wearing my crazy bathing suit if I have to. Meghan loves the water, so I know she'll be spending a lot of time in the pool! (which I will be too!)


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