Thursday, March 29, 2012

what... is it? I've been asking myself that all day today. Today I ran around. A lot. Only in the car and not actually running. I didn't do my walk today either. I figure I've walked 8 miles in the last 2 days, I can take a break! I also was/am sore. I rolled my left ankle twice on Monday and once again on Tuesday, so it's pretty stiff. Plus, walking on pavement is brutal. I've taken to walking some stretches through the edges of yards, I hope my neighbors don't mind!

Kait brought out my dad's car last night so we could use it today. Drew had an appointment for his unemployment to stay in effect. I had to return some things to Walmart and go to Aldi's (grocery store). I also had to go to the mall to have my engagement ring looked at. We have the lifetime warranty on it, so it's got to be inspected and signed off on and cleaned and all these shenanigans every 6 months. Of course, it never dawns on me until the last 3 days of the month or so. Hah.

Dylan and I had quite the adventure today. He went with me, as I didn't want to go alone and Meghan was napping, so I figured I'd give Drew a couple hours "off" and off we went! We went to Aldi's and Walmart first because they are in my town and then headed to the mall. Dylan kept asking when we were going to go there. He didn't like all the other stops first! When we got to the mall, he kept asking to go on the carnival.


At first, I had no idea what he was talking about. And then I realized he meant carousel!

He's in the middle of telling me, "No more pictures, Allie!" He's such a nut. Sometimes he loves to take pictures, and wants to look at them right after you take one. Other times not. This was one of those times.

We got home and I realized I was out of one of the key ingredients for something I needed to bake today. Meghan and I went off on a quick trip to Aldi's to get said ingredient and also Drew requested chips and candy. Hah.

I started making dinner when we got back, pizza with No Rise Pizza Dough; pepperoni and green peppers on 1 half, leftover curry chicken and green peppers on the other, yum! I wanted to get it into the oven asap, because I had a lot of baking to do. I owed Drew a batch of cookies from a few days ago (said I was going to make them and never did, mostly because they are an evil temptation! :) ) I also had to do some other baking...for some thing tomorrow ;) No details because MIL reads this and it's for her!

I'll try and remember to both take pictures and post them tomorrow. As I'm whipping the pizza together, I realize I'm still out of vanilla from last week and I only had 1 egg for Drew's cookies. I really didn't want to go out for the third time this afternoon, so I nagged Drew to do it. He went after dinner and I finally had everything I needed! Now, some lovely smells were going on in here!

I still have leftover pumpkin too...muffins, anyone?


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