Thursday, March 15, 2012

you know when...'re doing some mundane task and suddenly lots of bloggy ideas pop into your head? That's how it's been for me lately. I think of such great things to post about and then I hop on here, usually days later, and can't remember what I was going to go on about.

The solution there is to write everyday. ;)

Hah. I don't see that happening.

My grandmother gave me her old bread machine, so I've been experimenting with that this week. We've have fresh baked bread everyday. I've done white, 1/2 whole wheat (using both whole wheat and white flour), pumpkin, pepperoni, cinnamon raisin and oatmeal applesauce bread is baking right now. So far, the white is my favorite. I tried another batch of cinnamon raisin today with double raisins and double cinnamon and that was a mistake-so that batch got thrown out. The other day I put the yeast right in the bread pan with the other ingredients instead of the yeast dispenser, so I had to throw that batch out too. I can be so absent-minded sometimes. I also don't take the time to read things thoroughly, like, ever; so that doesn't help either ;)

I also whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and we're having left over BBQ pulled pork for the Syracuse game this afternoon. Drew is an avid fan of Syracuse, so he's got a jersey on and Meg's wearing orange today as well! We tried to get Dylan to wear a jersey, but he refused because it's too big!

Kim, Drew's sisters: Michelle, Val, Liz and I are doing a craft fair/garage sale at the end of the month. Michelle and Val both said they might have things to sell. Considering that Val's closet of clothes has expanded/taken over the hallway closet of their house; I'm pretty sure she's got some things to get rid of ;) Liz makes bracelets and Kim's the craftiest, so hopefully we'll have enough stuff. I have some cowls made, but I wanted to do some mohawk hats and crocheted headbands. I know a quick fabric headband too, so I might sew some of those up.

The fair is at the end of the month from 8am-Noon at the school in my hometown. Which, I think, is an odd time frame. Not only because I'll have to get up super early! ;) The school district does a Holiday craft fair every year and I think it goes all day, maybe both days of the weekend. Plus, the woman who's running it has done them before at other schools and supposedly the 1st year is slow but then the years after are a hit. This is the 1st year at our hometown so we'll see how it goes. I also have an etsy store (albeit, empty right now :D) so anything that doesn't sell, will get posted there. We have 2 tables (banquet tables, I imagine) to ourselves, so I"m off to get crafty! ;)


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