Wednesday, March 21, 2012


...middle of the week. Always feels like the week never ends and we'll never get to the weekend! Not that we have any big plans or anything. Hard to make plans when you don't have the transportation to get anywhere! Hah.

It is kind of weird to not be making plans though, being March, there are always a bazillion birthdays. And the weather might as well be July because it sure feels like it! We're going to the playground after Meghan gets up from her nap. Ahhh, naps are so lovely. I wish I got to take one too!

I've made a few things for the craft fair, some head bands, little hearts and flowers to attach to bobby pins and clips, and a really neat chunky chain link scarf. I've jut been throwing the finished things into a box and I really ought to go through it and see what I've got. I used my Sizzix BIGkick die-cutter to make some cute tags for the items.

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Also, mine is white instead of black, with pink accents, I don't think they make the white and pink style anymore.

One of the only things I don't like about the BIGkick is that you have to cut out all 3 sizes that are available on the die, or strategically place your paper over the only one you want cut out.

(photo credit)

Which is a pain in the booty, so I just cut out a bunch of all the sizes and I figure I'll use them up eventually. I wanted/needed tags for the items that will be sold on Etsy after the craft fair anyways, so I might as well get it all ready at the same time. I also had a bunch of free business cards printed up over at Vistaprint that have my Etsy site and Twitter/Facebook info on them. (CheBella Crafts, not my personal twitter/facebook! :D) Those cards are definitely getting included in anything I sell on Etsy, but I'm not sure if I'll give them out at the craft fair. I might just staple them to the tags. I don't know.

Originally I was going to use the tags for descriptions and prices, just seemed to make it easier. I definitely want descriptions on the tags, with sizes, if applicable, because sometimes you can't tell what the heap of knotted yarn is supposed to be! :) But, I don't think I want prices on the things I sell through Etsy, obviously the customer would already know what they paid and they'll have invoices with them anyway. Conflicted! Maybe I'll do little stickers on the tags with prices on them for the craft fair and then hopefully pull the stickers off after the fair.



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