Saturday, March 17, 2012


...St. Patrick's Day! We are having a seriously low-key day today. Meghan was wide-awake for the day at 630am...that was a blast. We didn't even sit down to start nursing/going to sleep until 830 last night, I was a bit sad when she started wailing this morning and realized she wasn't going to stop. Sometimes she goes back to sleep on her own and sometimes she'll nurse back to sleep when she wakes up super early like that, but not today. I still don't know why she woke up so early because she didn't have a dirty diaper, must've been a bad dream or something.

I think the time change screwed up her internal clock or something. But she hasn't really been sleeping or napping well since Island Week. She did nap today for almost 3 hours, and hopefully she'll go down for the night easily.

Syracuse played again today and made it into the Sweet Sixteen! Very exciting! I made some St. Patrick's Dayish food for the game. Drew deep fried some onion rings (le sigh, I ate some :( also this was my first time using avocado and I had no idea what I was missing!) and I made a Shamrock pizza and Green Goddess dip! It was so delicious! The pizza was this awesome recipe for no rise crust and had sausage and green peppers in shamrock shapes! I'm glad the crust worked out because it is 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 ap flour-so it's healthier than all ap flour and it was super easy! I'll definitely be making that crust again! The dip had avocado, lemon juice, chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic salt and fresh ground black pepper. Which wouldn't be that bad except I had to add some mayonnaise :( I had added too much chili powder and it was a mess! Luckily it was only a rounded teaspoon or so and it worked out and was very tasty! We had that with cut up veggies. Here's a picture using my crappy interim phone:

(Now that I know I can put pictures on here, fairly easily, I might be doing so more often :D )
Hopefully, because tomorrow we are going out to visit my dad and have corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick's day. We might stop at the in-laws if they are feeling better (everyone there has been very sick lately) and we have to go to my mom's so Drew or I can hook up her DVD player. Yes, her DVD player. She and Jim are not very technologically inclined and would rather have someone else do it for them. We also have a wireless router to install at Lacie's house. It's an old one we had offered to her a while ago and couldn't find all the parts. She's been begging us to find the power cord and it's been sitting in the trunk of the broken Alero, which is now in my dad's driveway.

Very busy day tomorrow. For the craft fair, I got some headbands done today and I'm going to make some bows and flowers with pin backs, so they can be mixed and matched. They're sized headbands and the first one was a little too big-even on my fat head, so I'm going to try and find some adjustable headband patterns then they'll fit more different sized heads. :)

Ok, a-crafting I will go ;)


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