Friday, March 23, 2012

I don't know...

...why I bother trying to schedule posts to post later, like after the day I write them. I just don't know what I'm doing, but it's nice to get more than one post written at a time and then, in theory, not have to worry about it later! So, I might be testing the whole schedule thing out again tonight.

(I had written the recipe post on Wednesday at the same time as the crafty post. I thought I had scheduled it to post itself Wednesday night, but then it didn't. Sooo, there ya go.)

I've had just about enough of the oppressive heat/humidity. Thanks. Agh. We live on the top floor and it gets so nasty in here. We end up going to the playground in the afternoon just to escape this apartment! Today wasn't so bad, according to Drew, but I thought it was just as bad as the rest of the week.

I haven't done anything crafty today or last night. As I was nursing Meghan to sleep last night, I developed a nasty migraine and went to bed early. I haven't gotten a migraine in a long time, so I was quite surprised. Usually, I can just go to sleep and then it's gone by the morning. Luckily, that worked last night! Today, I had to go through my email, because I hadn't done so in a long time. Blah, sometimes I hate email. Unless it's a notification that I won something through a giveaway! :)

Syracuse played in the Sweet 16 game tonight against Wisconsin and they won! They are on their way to the Elite 8, it is very exciting. Except for the part where I fell asleep during the game tonight! I was so exhausted after I put Meg down to sleep. I only intended to rest on the couch while Drew watched the game. And then I woke up after it was over! :) Oh, well, at least they won!

Time to sleep!


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