Monday, March 19, 2012

got a case...

...of the Mondays? Not me! :) Yesterday was super busy, so I'm glad Kait got to babysit Dylan today! He is such a little bundle of energy, always zooming around! Luckily, the weather has been ridiculously warm, so we went to playground/park every day last week. Dylan's back tomorrow, so that'll be chaotic!

Yesterday, we went out to my dad's house for St. Patrick's Day dinner. He made 3 corned beefs, boiled dinner (potatoes, cabbage, carrots), rueben sandwiches (corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing on rye bread), and fried cabbage. My mom made a pasta salad and my grandma baked homemade rye bread. My sister Kait made apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Everything was so delicious! And I did ok as far as diet goes, I only had 1 slice of bread on my sandwich, 1 potato, a small amount of pasta salad and 1 scoop of ice cream. We woke up late yesterday, so I had part of a yogurt for breakfast (Meghan had some too!) and then we snacked later last night after we got home.

Today, we mostly just sat around. I did nap on the couch (twice! gah!) and this afternoon we had to walk to the UPS drop box (about 3 blocks away) so I could drop off a package and then we went to the playground for a bit. We are so fortunate to have a playground so close, I love it! Especially since we are still without a car. We didn't stay long at the playground, unfortunately because it started to rain and thunderstorm.

As far as a car goes, my dad has offered us his car, but it needs some work-including new tires, Kait got stuck with a flat the other day! Luckily, she was with Fred's mother (Freddy's grandma) so, they got some help with the donut and were soon on their way. My dad talked to his mechanic friend about maybe setting us with one of the cars he's been buying at auctions down south-along with a payment plan. But, what I can tell from what my dad said was that the friend doesn't have a lot of cars (which is not what I thought) and the friend said he had just taken in a saturn, but it needs some work, but the friend has another in his junk lot that he can get the parts from. This is a familiar story, that's just how the friend works. My dad is going over there on Wednesday, to get his car worked on and also to see if the friend has any realistic offers.

If that doesn't work out, there is my dad's car, but it needs work. It won't pass inspection because of a fuel pump issue, it needs at least 2 tires, and some sort of alignment or something like that. But, anything is an improvement over the Alero. We've had nothing but trouble with it. I am grateful we got a year out of it though, because it was a gift.

Meg's up crying, so I'm off to cuddle!


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